Friday, December 12, 2008

Failed Communication or Politics?

The story goes like this:

During a big event, some BIG Company (BC) invited another BIG Group's (BG) representatives from the States to display its technology. Being part of that BIG Group, small company (SC) was being asked to provide support and show their projects.

SC is blur. Right from the beginning there was a huge confusion. SC do not which booth they were supposed to set up their demonstrations until the very day of the exhibition itself.

SC arrived to see a glummed faced BG and a booth that is seemingly not a booth. SC learnt that BG is not allowed to display any videos nor present project demonstrations.

BG were invited by BC all the way from the States. Upon arriving 1 week in advanced, they were appalled by the reception they received from their inviters. Everything stated to be given and done were never delivered. They are now condemned to sitting at a public rest area with all their stuff. With other things at hand, they left their things with sc and went on to attend seminars.

SC lan lan took over the role of baby sitting wondering what exactly is wrong with the organisers. It is quite sad that invited guests get such nasty impressions of Singaporeans.

However, a BC personnel stopped by and explained to SC that a booth wasn't provided as BG refused to pay for a booth space.

公说公有理,婆说婆有理。Who is right and who is wrong?? Cannot be bothered. SC happily walked and indulged in on-going exhibits and blogging away right now! lol


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