Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Feonix -> WhatAvril

My office comp underwent an entire new facelift... Like real la... It is once again being re-formatted!

Something totally screwed up my configuration settings when I tried to set it to start up in safe mode. (The conventional F8 way simply DIN work lor!) Realised the entire system was just 一团糟.

All these started with the previous worm attacked. Subjecting the entire comp through all possible anti-virus scans proved ineffective. Somehow some configurations were either deleted or corrupted. A hung up computer every morning due to some AVG problem with Maya was the first BLAH. Failure to reboot into safe mode via F8 was the second BLAH. Failure to run msconfig via OS was the last straw.

Heck all the irritating problem rectification processes which don't work. I deployed the last ultimate resort of re-formating in hope that this problem din span out from a Hardware problem instead. Thank goodness, re-formating though takes a while was such a saviour, though I must say that backing up some important stuff was a bit of a hassle. Phew.

"新电脑", 新气象. Computer is now called WhatAvril!

Anyway, something totally off topic. I wonder why all dogs under my care seem to hate baths.




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