Thursday, December 18, 2008

Avril's Facebook Supporter Page

I don't even know if I should even blog about this. Cos it is kinda embarrasing but yet a consolation.

Evonne gal smsed to inform me that someone set up a FB supporter page for me! Wah liew... I thought she was kidding with me. Hence, I hurried logged on into my computer to double confirm that. True enough there was really one done up.

I must say this is something really really unexpected... AND AND AND! I SWEAR it wasn't done up by me! In case some narrow minded people start questioning if I did it myself. The picture on the page is not what I would use for a start... I would use a prettier one of cos (without braces! and definitely not with a handsome guy beside me for pple to compare!!!) lol

But to whoever who did this for me, I do appreciate your kind gesture la just that it seems weird cos I'm not a public figure. All these while I have been really self critical of my voice. I just felt that I have reached this bottleneck stage where I cannot find my real voice and neither can I improve. I started to hate my own voice. But what he/she wrote gave me a little more confidence booster.

That person wrote this "this page is to support one of the QYQL 's member Avril~ I juz happened heard QYQL few months ago and heard tis gal's voice . (: her singing nice and smooth. so do support her k :)"

I think alot of my friends will have a hell time soon cos I will be going around to question them if they did it! Own Up huh if it's one of you I know.


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