Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Stop complaining about women drivers

Almost ran into an accident on the road just now due to a stupid man. Was on my way home with my mom from a funeral wake and I took lane 3 (straight or right turn lane) signaling right. As I was turning, I noticed something really wrong as the car beside me seem to be going straight.

Heng my reflexes were fast. I slammed on my brakes and honked that stupid man on the right. He must have thought that his lane was a straight moving one. STUPID! That stretch of road has got 3 right turn lanes including mine. I doubt he even realise he was wrong lor! He thought he might as well just give way to a stupid female driver who din get her lane right.

Glared really hard and gave him my "what the hell" look.

So you who always say women drivers suck, let me tell you. In my years of driving, many a times I encounter guys who do stupid things hor! You don't see us women complain about the men do you?


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