Tuesday, January 06, 2009

After 2 months plus, it seems like Daz is happily settled at my place. Wonder how he feels should he go home or rehomed after so long. Even Cai is starting to accept his presence and Daz sees him as an older bro. Vet says it's pretty cruel at this point since a bond has definitely been established. To send him away now will only tell baby that he is being abandoned by what he has already deemed family. Vet says he probably would not forget us. Haiz... Pup owners please don't allow your pup to over-stay at a place cos that is where they think it's their real home.

Guess mom has also grown pretty fond of the little pup and wouldn't mind keeping if his dad really doesn't bother anymore. Afterall, she's been sleeping in the living room with daz (when he whines like mad) and forking out quite a bit in medical and expenses.

Took him to see a vet yet again. This time round it is bumps that are proliferating all over his body. Either a food allergy or heat rash or Schnauzer bumps. Vet cannot determine the cause so he was prescribed a medicated bath shampoo and ointment to be applied daily.

Poor boy, has been visiting the vet ever since he came. Such a weak disposure. Cai was a much healthier pup when he came.


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