Wednesday, January 21, 2009

America's first black president sworns in

With the entire world your audience, you can't not help but feel nervous huh. So it's pretty forgivable that Obama stumbled a little at the sworn-in.

He's generating a great deal of interest around the world, being America's first black president and one of her youngest to be in office.

I can't help but compare him to the series 24's black president David Palmer. David Palmer in the series simply wowed me over with his charisma and determined actions taken in times of crisis, so I'm secretly hoping that Obama will be like that fiction character, honest (清廉), impartial and cool headed.

Am currently catching his sworn-in speech, half anticipating a Martin Luther King style to be delivered, but it was not to be in the end I thought. =P

Okay! Dear Mr Obama, after all that partying, your first task is to save the messed up financial turmoil. Pluurrrsseeee.....!


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