Saturday, February 28, 2009

Such a cold day

下雨了. 手中的伞, 我撑不开.
自己说过的话, 我还是得负起责任.

Friday, February 27, 2009

Am in a stoned mode now.
Am thankful for your 成全.
Will slowly get use having no you.
My only 回报 now is to slowly live better...

I have taken all the happy memories.
I do treasure them a lot (although you may think I belittle them).
The most important thing is that I have gained a lot from you.
Sad thoughts will come now and then, but I definitely will overcome them.

It's weird but we have become a part of statistic.

Case of Bad Flu

Apart from the usual consultation and checkups (starting from now), the current flu bug attacking my already bad vulnerability forced me to see at least doc at least 3 times over a span of a week and a half...

Just for keep tracking's sake:

1st consultation with tcm doc - $51
2nd consultation with tcm doc - $48
3rd consultation with NTU doc - $31.30

Tussidex Syrup

Have been repelling western drugs cos they usually weakens my stomach walls further. But given this endless choking feeling in my bronchus, I resigned to fate and asked for phlegm dissolving agents.

If all these still don't work, I will be given steroids (YUCKZ)

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

It is so boring to be blogging about being ill.


For so long that I'm thinking my cough will not recover anymore.

Anyway... I'm helping my dad deal with some codes, the result of being isolated very much at home. Avril doing coding! LOL!~~!

Friday, February 20, 2009

Low Immunity

Really hate this... Am down with flu and cough again. This time doc says I definitely have to stay home cos its contagious...


Thursday, February 19, 2009


I just realised that I have been helping friends promote their sales blogs and all that and I have yet to help my dad promote his form of business.

Call it advertorial or whatever but here goes:


What to expect:

  • Service right up to your doorstep
  • Pre-sales, post-sales quality service
  • Innovation at its best

Area of Service:

1. Semiconductor:

  • New enabling Semiconductor Services (Coating)
  • Consultations (PCB designs and testing technologies)
  • Semiconductor Equipment Provision
  • Equipment Trading
  • Solution Providence

2. Training

  • Product Training (CAD drawings, simulation, semicon)
  • Graphics Training

3. Others

  • Green Solutions

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

The Price of eating chocolate

Check out this equation:

Mom leaves Dars on table
Daz see Dars on table
Daz steals Dars from table (wah lao... tall enough to reach it now)
Dars = Chocolate
Daz ate Dars
Chocolate contains Theobromine
Theobromine in Dogs = Toxic

When {
Avril sees Daz play with empty Dars pack.

She {
Saw him happily licking.
Traces of chocolate on his muzzle.

So she {
Smells his mouth

Daz's mouth found with chocolate traces {
Trigger alert!

Given Daz Daz's small build, we decided not to wait and see if theobromine poisoning will set in or not. We had to send him to the Emergency Room at Mount Pleasant since vets are mostly closed at night.

Within minutes of admittance, he was induced to puke out his intake. Damned gross lor.. Was holding him and watching every minute of his regurgitation.

Though I thought it was not necessary for him to be hospitalised, mom went ahead with it to be on the kiasu side.

Total damage: $550!!!
Double FAINTZ!

Dars now stands as the most expensive chocolate ever to be consumed in our household...

He is now home and happily sleeping. Heard from the hospital staff that he was seeking attention the entire night and wanting to be patted and comforted.

Heng Daz din share his loot with Cai Cai...

Thursday, February 05, 2009

Am stuck with a weak body of a woman. Sick again...

Since I'm sentenced to rest at home, I might as well do something meaningful.

Check out my bro's site @ Just-Surprise


This Valentine's Day, Just-Surprise is doing something meaningful for a group of less privileged children.

We have come up with a 1-for-1 $8 valentine gift special, where you will get a random gift (or to your sender), and at the same time we will be mailing one to a child beneficiary in one of the programmes under YWCA for his or her birthday present. We hope to be able to provide a gift for all 110 children under the YWCA programmes by the time Valentine's Day arrives.

The gifts will also allow senders to include a message of encouragement to the child, who is faced with disadvantaged circumstances in his or her daily life.

For more information please visit !

Thank you and have a great Valentine's Day ahead!

Sunday, February 01, 2009

Happy Barkday!

Cai turns 4 today which translates to 28 dog years exactly.
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