Thursday, February 05, 2009

Am stuck with a weak body of a woman. Sick again...

Since I'm sentenced to rest at home, I might as well do something meaningful.

Check out my bro's site @ Just-Surprise


This Valentine's Day, Just-Surprise is doing something meaningful for a group of less privileged children.

We have come up with a 1-for-1 $8 valentine gift special, where you will get a random gift (or to your sender), and at the same time we will be mailing one to a child beneficiary in one of the programmes under YWCA for his or her birthday present. We hope to be able to provide a gift for all 110 children under the YWCA programmes by the time Valentine's Day arrives.

The gifts will also allow senders to include a message of encouragement to the child, who is faced with disadvantaged circumstances in his or her daily life.

For more information please visit !

Thank you and have a great Valentine's Day ahead!


avagdro said...

Thank you Avril for sharing.have a great joyful Valentine's wishes to you:)


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