Wednesday, February 11, 2009

The Price of eating chocolate

Check out this equation:

Mom leaves Dars on table
Daz see Dars on table
Daz steals Dars from table (wah lao... tall enough to reach it now)
Dars = Chocolate
Daz ate Dars
Chocolate contains Theobromine
Theobromine in Dogs = Toxic

When {
Avril sees Daz play with empty Dars pack.

She {
Saw him happily licking.
Traces of chocolate on his muzzle.

So she {
Smells his mouth

Daz's mouth found with chocolate traces {
Trigger alert!

Given Daz Daz's small build, we decided not to wait and see if theobromine poisoning will set in or not. We had to send him to the Emergency Room at Mount Pleasant since vets are mostly closed at night.

Within minutes of admittance, he was induced to puke out his intake. Damned gross lor.. Was holding him and watching every minute of his regurgitation.

Though I thought it was not necessary for him to be hospitalised, mom went ahead with it to be on the kiasu side.

Total damage: $550!!!
Double FAINTZ!

Dars now stands as the most expensive chocolate ever to be consumed in our household...

He is now home and happily sleeping. Heard from the hospital staff that he was seeking attention the entire night and wanting to be patted and comforted.

Heng Daz din share his loot with Cai Cai...


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