Friday, March 06, 2009


After a long while of moodiness, it feels good that I'm getting abit of the sane-ness back. It could just be just temporal but I'm thankful enough.

Just today alone, I received calls to ask why I was down or how I was coping. The first was my mentor that called out of the blue. It seems very amazing that whenever I'm down, he will so happen to call. He jokingly said it could be my distress signal strength call out too strong. LOL

My dear friend from Taiwan called to check on me despite his heavy schedule. Was a short one but heartwarming.

And good friend who constantly smses me to check on me despite being hurt and down himself.

Jamie who just came back from Switzerland brought over some chocolates. Can't eat them because of my persistent cough.

All these can't not make me smile abit more today right. =)


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