Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Ah Tan dragged me out yesterday to see Liang Wen Ying knowing that I was still feeling sian and also to pass me my bday gift and PS's. Thanks to Evonne (ah Tan's friend, I had tot was the Evonne I knew), we got the tix to enter and watch them have fun.

It's so weird to see them sing birthday song. Seems like ages that birthday celebrations like that occur to me liao. Ah Tan suddenly switched roles to become audience, which was pretty amusing. Like a fan, he even went on stage to pass her his gift to her. The good thing was that she recognised him almost immediately.

Overall, the party was just for Liang la. I had anticipated her to sing but she did not, much to my disappointment. Wasn't as excited with my tummyache as well.

Muackz to Evonne (the one I know well) for the nice handphone chain. She was there as well cheering her hearts out to Liang.

Yesterday just passed in a swift. Who cares about turning 28 so soon... lol. My lunar one passsed like a week ago.


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