Friday, April 03, 2009

Learning to be Disciplined

At 27 (turning 28 soon) years old, I'm actually still learning to be disciplined.

Some things come very late to me in life. I have to admit that I really suck at some areas.

Today marks the first day of this journey. I will learn to be strong, exercise self control and being independent.

I think I will and can do it now.

Will be counting down to the day of liberation.

If you are feeling helpless and low like me, please ganbatte together!

2 months max I have given myself. You guys will be my witnesses.

To do list:
  1. Remembering to put on retainers every night
  2. Filing my income tax! (Wa lao... should have already done it)
  3. Servicing my car
  4. Pumping air to the tyres (I've been missing it)
  5. Washing the car
  6. Going for my dental
  7. Packing my room and maintaining it for 2 months
  8. Brushing cai and daz's teeth at least weekly
  9. Clearing up my closet
  10. Treating my cough
  11. Be focus at work and not always on msn
  12. Slowing down the pace of my life and think more rationally
  13. Take cai for walks
  14. Do some daily readings
  15. Record some songs (when my cough's gone)
  16. Going on a self-learning trip (If I can cough out the money instead)
  17. Exercise (Maybe do the thing I hate most... Jogging)
  18. Hopefully do some voluntary work
  19. Visiting my grandma more often
  20. Vehicle for inspection due in June
  21. Going through my investment potfolio
  22. Maintaining a certain input saving into my accounts


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