Saturday, June 20, 2009

Online Buys

Was recently shopping online for a dress to wear for my friend's upcoming wedding. Found a relatively reasonable shop from HK and decided to place orders. The only problem was that I had to purchase in bulk and each design I buy, I have to have a minimum of 2 orders.

Had initially wanted to ask friends to tag along in buying but I'm not sure of the supplier's quality. Hence I took the risk to buy in first.

The clothes have just arrived and I'm quite happy with their quality. Anyone interested in the following items below? I, myself kept 1 of each design, so the rest I'm letting go at cost price. Sorry if I spoil market out there cos I just don't need doubles of the same item. Paid a total of USD 20 for shipment so that cost will be factored in as well.

After sourcing so many online overseas supplier, I sometimes do not feel like getting clothes straight from shops here le. They overcharge us by alot... Bought a dress once for $15 and saw a shop in bugis selling it at $59.90.

Anyway, here are my buys:

(Temp Reserved for a friend who's abroad - I super love this dress) Size S, cost = $16.90

Top @ $10 (Kept a yellow one for myself) ~ Reserved

Lace Dress @ $16.90, free size (Kept one myself)

Blouse @ $16.30 (Black and Green available) ~ black Reserved

The dress I'm wearing to my friend's wedding!
@ $20


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