Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Went LCK with Uncle Seng a few times recently. He asked if he could help by talking to him seeing me ill and sad everyday. Dejectedly, I always sigh and say only fate will give an answer.

I do find some solace feeding the strays with him. My heart really go to one stray with only 3 legs. The back one was amputated after it was caught in some wild boar's trap and one front paw is a little handicapped too. I was thinking if I could have adopted her if I have my own place. Cai will be so so jealous. Well, too many dogs at home right now to be thinking of that.

Some new babies are borned but everyday more and more getting missing. We suspect either they were caught and taken away or attacked by the wild pigs.

Sigh.. I'm not expecting a miracle pill right now where I can take and everything will be fine. I guess somehow I will really grow from this and perhaps when I look back one day, I will reminise and be grateful that things did happen this way.

I do not regret coming forth and being honest with myself.


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