Wednesday, August 26, 2009


Quoted from the National Day Rally Speech "You push your own religion on others, you cause nuisance and offence."

Something interesting came up while I was chatting with wen wu over msn. He had merely borrowed the above quote from our prime minister's speech into his facebook wall and immediately garnered, what I thought was a defensive reaction. They weren't direct replies to his quoted message but instead, the person took a dig (maybe not the right word) at our photos.

I must admit that I was initially pretty fed up when I saw the comments to our pictures. Who would appreciate if someone plastered words like "there is a god", "miracles do happen" on pictures of you and your bf???

Hello?? What is so miraculous about 2 people in a shot? Read already also feel abit 莫名其妙 right. Eh... I know there's a God lor... But what has he gotta do with our pictures? I really don't get it.

It only dawned on me after wen wu told me these comments came after he posted the quote on his wall. Wah lao... Reply to the wall msg directly la can?

Even in forums, there's such a thing call off topic lor. You get suaned or even a "tongue lash" by forummers if you post in the wrong section hor.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Where's my ah gal?

Feeling kinda weird now that nobody's kicking me at night, scaring me out of my snooze with her blabbering in dreams and stealing my bolster/blanket. It's a little lonelier now that the bed beside me stays untouched.

People are always like that hur, only when you don't have it anymore, you start treasuring it.

I miss my sista! I only know that she has arrived in Beijing safe and sound, but I can't help thinking if she is coping or eating well. I can imagine how much more grown up (mentally) she will be when she comes back. Aigoo....

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Happy Birthday to Ah Daz

Ah Daz boy turns 1 year today. Our family have grown to love him despite destroying literally everything in his way. This little no fear monster actually found a way to sneak into my room this birthday morning to snuggle into my arms. Notti.. but so Cute lor. =)

Happy birthday!

Am I?

Thursday, August 13, 2009


Ha! A Taiwanese friend of mine suddenly sent me huge scans from a 八卦 magazine in Taiwan and told me I would be very interested in the content. On first sight I thought what it could be.
I was thinking to myself after the first file got transferred "Chey! only caught some celebrity couple hugging ma. Their usual stint". No big deal right, till she tells me that it's Hagen Tan la!

Wah liew...! Chen Meng Qi, trust you to be my buddy lor! Never tell me you are dating Liang Wen Ying (though dunno real or not yet la)! She's my idol leh!
So gonna grill him when he is more "reachable". I wanna meet Wen Ying and wanna know if they are really together =P

Sunday, August 02, 2009

Kiddo BY2 and Assistant Producer ME!

Kids these days don't listen to CDs like this anymore huh?

Yah it's just your usual Children's CD that you see in shops last time. But...... Lets zoom in closer... Do you see anything?
BY2 in their kiddo years! Seen the circled faces? Am sure you can make out which is Weifen and which is Weiling?

Anyway! The most important thing was! I was the assistant producer of this CD before! Way back in 1999. Am kinda surprised to see this CD again. My mom had it well preserved. LOL. Was an interesting experience then..

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