Thursday, September 24, 2009

Double Standards

I would have let the matter pass if my grandmother is okay and well.
Now that she is in a critical condition, I can't help but not wanna vent my frustrations at the double standards in the recent H1N1 precaution steps taken at SGH.

A few days back, me and my mother were turned away by the staff for not sticking to the visiting hours and they only allow 8 nominated family members to visit the patient (only 2 at any one time). Anyone out of that 8 named ones are totally restricted from entrance. And I am one of those shut out totally. I believe mainly it was the stubborn manager overseeing the guy servicing us that stopped our entrance that day. He was just so adamant when I told him that my grandma is really not feeling well and was told that my excuse was not valid. @#$%! I would have stayed on till the next visit hour slot if not for that stupid 8 nominees rule.

What really added fuel to my fire was the fact that the other receptionists allowed other people to go pass. Just because we were "suay" to have the manager standing right behind our guy, we were denied entry. KNN! We didn't try to kick up a din since it was a place for rehabilation and rest. Now I kinda regretted not trying harder to gain entry.

And now SGH finally decided to over-ride this ruling because they felt that she probably has limited time. I understand the need to enforce certain rules, but if the rules were bent for some people and not for others, then why have it in place then.

The 8 nominees rule is darn ridiculous lor. My ah ma alone has got more than 10 children. Like that how? We fight amongst ourselves to gain entry ah? It made sense initially that only 2 visitors are allowed at a time, then this 8 nominees rule kicked in. How does limiting to 8 nominees minimise the outspread of a virus? How?


naveen said...

your pics are so funny , i like it , did u enjoy ur trip , by using acupuncture we can stop moving hand?

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