Friday, September 11, 2009

Zhun Buay Zhun

Try this:

Apparently many of my friends found it accurate. For me it's like half half.

The Results

You feel worn out, physically and mentally. Recently the going has been tough and it looks as if there is still a considerable way for you to go before you can see the light at the end of the tunnel. If only you could put a protecting wall around yourself and cut yourself off from the rest of the world - be it even for only a little while - how wonderful it would be, but you can't - so you need to bear with it. Just when everything will seem at its lowest ebb you will find that there is a turnabout and your problems will seem to find a way of resolving themselves.

~Pretty okay given the past months' downs. And all my problems seem to be slowly resolving themselves. =)

You are very talented, imaginative and sensitive but you are holding back as you do not really like going it 'on your own'. In preference you would like to team up with someone, someone with similar attributes as your own, to explore - to seek out and go perhaps 'where no other man has trod before'. It is the unusual that attracts you and which will give you a sense of excitement and adventure.

~ True to some extend. But it depends on the endeavor I embark on ma. I definitely enjoy shopping by myself if nobody is free. Used to be easily excitable about new ideas, now I'm like a mellowed winter melon (dun ask me why winter melon, it just popped out of my head).

You are not an argumentative sort of person and 'rather than fight - you'd switch' (an old cigarette ad cliche). But when you try to assert yourself - as sometimes you may try to do - you meet with so much resistance and effrontery that manifests itself so obviously that you become hurt, indignant and resentful. So in order to have peace and quiet you tend to become inhibited. You keep it all to yourself but deep down, you 'feel' and 'hurt' a lot.

~ Eh... I super argumentative at times lor.... I cannot take it lying down if someone really takes it too far. But on the contrary, I can the most shui bian person in a group. BUT I don't keep it all to myself, it shows up like makeup on my face. I DON'T hurt alot lor. Hurt makes one ugly. Muahahaha.. Shoo Shoo the negatives. I'm contented with my life right now!

It would seem that an existing situation or relationship is unsatisfactory and you feel that there is little that you can do about it without 'some help from your friends', but you have no desire to show the world how vulnerable you really are and therefore you consider it inadvisable to display affection or be over demonstrative. You regard this particular relationship as a depressing tie and although you would like to be independent and unhampered, you don't want to run the risk of losing anything. All this leads you to react 'touchily' and with impatience, while the urge to 'get away from it all' results in considerable restlessness and stress. Your ability to concentrate may suffer.

~ Choi! Ah Nia is happy k. Not intending to run away at all. Who runs away from happiness? I must be out of my mind to do so. Buay Zhun!

You need to be needed and would like a situation where you will no longer be subjected to pressures and demands from those about you. There is no harm in 'dreaming' but it is you - and only you - that can be able to realise those dreams and to turn them into reality.


Anonymous said...

buay zhun leh! that fella talked so much & none of it actually was talking about me.....LOL

Anonymous said...

sorry that anonymous guy was me.....jamie gan......LOL

avril said...

Lol! You Jamie! =P

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