Tuesday, October 27, 2009

October Updates

Haven't been updating my blog for a bit. Just some updates on my recent activities.

Jerine's Wedding

The bride and her entourage. We were laughing as it was our turn to be pranked upon by the brothers. Did the Nobody dance. Well we showed them what it was to do it professionally. LOL. 90% are dancers k... Dun play play.
Groom was prepared. Cost of replacing a new gate cost much less than the angbaos for the sisters. Smart but too bad, ang baos are still a necessity for entrance.

These guys are full of funny ideas. They came armed with a thousand one dollar coins to bribe their way through. Should have really confiscated that prop!

Guy's good morning version of Nobody to the entire neighbourhood.

The cute note delivery guy.

Cai and Daz Outing @ Bishan Park

Big peers at the park.

Apparently they only display brotherly love when they are out but not at home.

Meeting another of his kind. Daz is definitely unruly looking... lol
Thirsty duo after so much fun.

Resting before they go for their 2nd round of play.

爱琴海's Theme Night - 张惠妹精选

With Meihui, the other singer in my batch.

And of cos never forget a picture with Evonne!

My next session at 爱琴海 is this coming Friday 7:30pm! Come if you can but be sure to be early. The previous friday I sang was so packed that some had to be turned away. Never seen it so packed before.


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