Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Read some guy, Alvin's blog on his proposal to his gf.

While it was originality at its best, I thought it could have been nicer if there was the element of surprise. "Treasure hunt" can also don't reveal the finale first ma. Alot of people think it's romantic. Romantic meh? Afterall, his gf did know what was installed at the end of it. I supposed Alvin knows her well enough to be gamed on a proposal like that. At least the female lead is happy.

I may be making a general statement, but I think most gals are happy with a simple proposal without such a big hoo ha. What matter most is the sincerity isn't it? With all the actions done, now these 2 have to undergo so many post media scrutiny and interviews. Tiring leh...


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