Sunday, November 29, 2009

She's Gone

It is the first time that I came so close watching death. I had thought my reaction to be much more emotional.

It came so suddenly when an uncle called us in tears telling us things aren't looking good. Rushing over, we were more or less wondering if it could be a false alarm. But gram's condition really look bad when we arrived. Her delirious state was a 180 degree turn from a day before and we could tell that she was wrenching in immense pain. Things just didn't look good from that moment despite increased dosage of morphine.

As I held her hands, I detected her drop in temperature and I looked to my dad. He knew what was on my mind. She was running such a high fever from our arrival to that sudden drop in temperature within a few hours span. I took it as a impending sign... I could only do a silent prayer seeing her struggle in pain. 

She went while dad was in the room with her. Everything then became more or less a blur. Everyone called out to her, but garner no response. I checked for a pulse, but there was none.

I had to bid my last good bye.

Friday Outing

Had a KTV session with colleagues at the 10-dollar KTV on Friday. The German guys gave us a pleasant surprise by turning up. It was their second attempt at Karaoke-ing here. Will try to post their funny antics while singing when I'm less lazy. Needless to say, we enjoyed ourselves but we wished the session lasted longer.

So glad that wenwu's exams are finally over! Haven't been singing with him for ages (I miss singing with him so much)! Though this time it is with my colleagues, it like a kickstart prelude to our future KTV sessions again! Hopefully he is able to finish his stuff before we zip off for our holiday. Plans to Taiwan have to be put on hold as we are unable to get hold of tickets during our available time period. Will opt for a simpler option not too far away still. Keeping our fingers crossed.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Second Best favourite workplace for graduates

Click on my title to get to the zao bao article.

It says that NTU is voted the second most favourite workplace for graduates joining the public sector. Wooo...


Wednesday, November 25, 2009

CAMTech's News

Reference: Straits Times Interactive

Nov 25, 2009
German R&D lab in NTU
By Chua Hian Hou , Technology Correspondent

GERMANY'S Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft, the R&D giant known for its work on the MP3 digital music format, will set up a new $10 million institute to conduct research in digital media at the Nanyang Technological University.

The Fraunhofer Singapore institute will employ 20 researchers when it opens mid-2010, NTU and Fraunhofer announced on Wednesday.

More will be hired later to do cutting-edge research in computer graphics and virtual reality as part of its foray into Asia, said Fraunhofer Institute for Computer Graphics Research's director, Professor Dieter Fellner.

The number will be upped to 50 by 2013, and possibly even more over time, said Prof Fellner.

Some possible research areas include new ways to capture every single possible detail of 'cultural heritage' objects, like a historical building or other artifact digitally, so that future generations can experience them even when the physical item is gone.

Fraunhofer, which specialises in developing commercial applications out of cutting-edge academic research, is Europe's biggest research body with an annual research budget of 1.5 billion euros. It employs over 10,000 full-time researchers in its 60 research institutes.

More at NTU Press Release


I'm supposed to be happy slumbering at this time but am feel quite helpless after receiving emails from various sources regarding that idiot Dog tormentor. We have eye witnesses, and some other proofs but it seems at this juncture, we need more concrete evidence. I believe needed authorities have been informed. Cannot really reveal too much info here as he could have already gotten wind of his acts discussed in forums.

I think back of the time when I got my first puppy. I made promises never to forsake him despite it being an impulse purchase. From that very moment, I found a new passion in this group of beings. My heart went out to all shapes, sizes and breeds. Strangely enough, I even started liking cats (Used to hate them). My pet kick-started my lesson on unconditional love. How amazing it is that they are always giving and never expecting returns.

Then this love and passion extended towards the helpless and voiceless bunch. It's quite heart wrenching to read stories of animal/stray abuses, moreso when the subject is a dog. How can man be so cruel to another being that is selfless in giving love? They will only defend when they feel attacked. So far in my encounters with strays, I always end up being the receipient of their affection.

I have personally encounted cases of strays being poisoned to death slowly.... dying horribly... trapped in boars' traps.... Pet dogs left to fend for themselves suddenly in the wild... You name it. They really don't have a voice to represent themselves. Who can they turn to when there's injustice carried out? =(

Coming back to this sneak and sly.... From various accounts of him, he seemed to have started off befriending strays most of the time, making them believe that he is a friend not foe. When the trust is established, that is where hell starts for these creatures.

So what if he is really from the Authorities??! He is never empowered to deliver cruelty in such a manner. How we wish there were clearer pictures of his acts so that proper prosecution can follow.


I will so LOOK OUT for you!!!!

K... Vent finish. Shall go give cai cai an extra hug.
Cai: Why are you so cruel to my friends?

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

I want Retail Therapy

Am so so so so tempted to do retail therapy!!
Urgh... So many online blogshops and they are super duper tantalizing...!!!!

But I have just spent a sum on the car's 100k servicing... =(


Avril is Poor... How they hell does one manage to save money really??? Am I just bad at my finances or maybe it is time I find a higher paying job.

Monday, November 23, 2009

Punggol Abuser Alert

Appealing for people staying in Punggol Area to look our for a dark chinese man driving a white van claiming to be from AVA. He was seen by many abusing stray dogs and catching them cruelly.

Please note down his vehicle number if you ever saw him. We need that to alert the police. Thanks!

SMS from an auntie:
He caught a dog and it was crying in pain.U know what he used? FISH HOOK! There was a line/rope from the mouth when he pulled and the dog cried in pain...Damn inhumane! He already caught 7-8 dogs there and purposely leave a female dog to breed again.

Friday, November 20, 2009


Realised singing at Hai Die is much more stressful than at Ai Qin Hai.
Dunno why leh. Considering that I sang slots on Fridays before when the cafe is packed fully. And I was still pretty much at ease.

Today at hai die, my hand kenna involuntary spasms. lol....

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Drivers, Have you noticed...

that recently along certain stretch of our expressways, street lamps are turned on alternately only on either side of the roads even after 7pm?

At 6:58pm, I was on AYE traveling towards SGH on Clementi Ave 6, the sky was overcast and raining.
I was wondering how come the roads seemed so much darker than usual and I realised the lamps were not turned on. I had thought that perhaps they only turn them on at 7pm sharp. But yet again, the street lamps on the other side of the traffic was already on. At another stretch, my side was on and the opposite side off. This happened a few times already when I travelled with wen wu too.

Just curious, is Singapore trying to conserve energy? If we are, it isn't a bad thing huh.

Where to go?

Any contribution ideas on which holiday/travel destination to go during Dec?

Wenwu and I discussed about Taiwan but it's expensive to go during Dec leh. Headache!
Scouring the internet like mad for good deals. Never so hardworking at compiling spreadsheets.

PROMOTIONS!!!! Where art thou?

Tuesday, November 17, 2009


Was leisurely cruising from BKE into KJE this morning when a loud roar jerked me alert. Realised this TP was speeding like mad passed me. At first I had thought he was chasing after someone, but I realized that he was just one hell of a chiongster. Terrible leh.

Confirm he definitely went more than 120km/hr! He was putting our distance apart very fast. This really irks and perplexes me. Can a TP chiong so fast like this on our roads?

Monday, November 16, 2009

Major Servicing

Car's due for servicing again. This time a major one for its 100k debut.
Shitty... This car is siphoning all my savings la. Yet, the convenience it brings is undeniable.

Xmas's coming! More $$ out. It does not help that Xmas discounts are super duper tempting.

Monday, November 09, 2009

Nov's Update

Nov known as Novi now has been undergoing treatment since it was rescued. I think he's now blossoming into a cute young pup under good care. To all who have donated in his cause, Thank you!!! Though it seems like Cindy probably still need more to upkeep his treatment fees, she has done a great job.

Upon recovery, Novi will be shifted to ALL (Animal Lovers League) to await adoption. I bet he will turn to be a handsome one when his fur starts growing.

Too bad I don't have a farm.....

Wednesday, November 04, 2009

A cry for help

Taken from a doggie forum (Sad.. Reminds me of those few I tried saving before...):

---- Copy from forum ----
Please help this dog....He need your generous donation...He's only a 4-5 months pup....please help to spread the words and post in your blogs. Many thanks!

Dear all,

A kind lady Ms Cindy Lam manage to catch hold of this dog found in Kim Chuan Lane.
He needs immediate medication and blood transfusion in order to survive...pls help to donate.

Contact :
97544948 or

Name of Dog ; Nov
The animal Doctors Pte Ltd
Blk 108, Ang Mo Kio Ave 4 St 11
#01-96 S(560108)
Tel: 64514531

Reply from Cindy:

DEar avril
thanks so much.u can go direct or mail a cheque to

The animal doctors Pte Ltd
Blk 108,Ang Mo Kio Ave 4,Street 11
Write behind cheque:donation for Nov

or TT $ to Cindy Lam
Dbs autosave 0140183434

i will email the receipt of the full bill to you.

Cindy Lam
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