Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Drivers, Have you noticed...

that recently along certain stretch of our expressways, street lamps are turned on alternately only on either side of the roads even after 7pm?

At 6:58pm, I was on AYE traveling towards SGH on Clementi Ave 6, the sky was overcast and raining.
I was wondering how come the roads seemed so much darker than usual and I realised the lamps were not turned on. I had thought that perhaps they only turn them on at 7pm sharp. But yet again, the street lamps on the other side of the traffic was already on. At another stretch, my side was on and the opposite side off. This happened a few times already when I travelled with wen wu too.

Just curious, is Singapore trying to conserve energy? If we are, it isn't a bad thing huh.


Anonymous said...

Me too!!! I encounter the same thing today!

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