Sunday, November 29, 2009

Friday Outing

Had a KTV session with colleagues at the 10-dollar KTV on Friday. The German guys gave us a pleasant surprise by turning up. It was their second attempt at Karaoke-ing here. Will try to post their funny antics while singing when I'm less lazy. Needless to say, we enjoyed ourselves but we wished the session lasted longer.

So glad that wenwu's exams are finally over! Haven't been singing with him for ages (I miss singing with him so much)! Though this time it is with my colleagues, it like a kickstart prelude to our future KTV sessions again! Hopefully he is able to finish his stuff before we zip off for our holiday. Plans to Taiwan have to be put on hold as we are unable to get hold of tickets during our available time period. Will opt for a simpler option not too far away still. Keeping our fingers crossed.


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