Wednesday, November 25, 2009


I'm supposed to be happy slumbering at this time but am feel quite helpless after receiving emails from various sources regarding that idiot Dog tormentor. We have eye witnesses, and some other proofs but it seems at this juncture, we need more concrete evidence. I believe needed authorities have been informed. Cannot really reveal too much info here as he could have already gotten wind of his acts discussed in forums.

I think back of the time when I got my first puppy. I made promises never to forsake him despite it being an impulse purchase. From that very moment, I found a new passion in this group of beings. My heart went out to all shapes, sizes and breeds. Strangely enough, I even started liking cats (Used to hate them). My pet kick-started my lesson on unconditional love. How amazing it is that they are always giving and never expecting returns.

Then this love and passion extended towards the helpless and voiceless bunch. It's quite heart wrenching to read stories of animal/stray abuses, moreso when the subject is a dog. How can man be so cruel to another being that is selfless in giving love? They will only defend when they feel attacked. So far in my encounters with strays, I always end up being the receipient of their affection.

I have personally encounted cases of strays being poisoned to death slowly.... dying horribly... trapped in boars' traps.... Pet dogs left to fend for themselves suddenly in the wild... You name it. They really don't have a voice to represent themselves. Who can they turn to when there's injustice carried out? =(

Coming back to this sneak and sly.... From various accounts of him, he seemed to have started off befriending strays most of the time, making them believe that he is a friend not foe. When the trust is established, that is where hell starts for these creatures.

So what if he is really from the Authorities??! He is never empowered to deliver cruelty in such a manner. How we wish there were clearer pictures of his acts so that proper prosecution can follow.


I will so LOOK OUT for you!!!!

K... Vent finish. Shall go give cai cai an extra hug.
Cai: Why are you so cruel to my friends?


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