Sunday, November 29, 2009

She's Gone

It is the first time that I came so close watching death. I had thought my reaction to be much more emotional.

It came so suddenly when an uncle called us in tears telling us things aren't looking good. Rushing over, we were more or less wondering if it could be a false alarm. But gram's condition really look bad when we arrived. Her delirious state was a 180 degree turn from a day before and we could tell that she was wrenching in immense pain. Things just didn't look good from that moment despite increased dosage of morphine.

As I held her hands, I detected her drop in temperature and I looked to my dad. He knew what was on my mind. She was running such a high fever from our arrival to that sudden drop in temperature within a few hours span. I took it as a impending sign... I could only do a silent prayer seeing her struggle in pain. 

She went while dad was in the room with her. Everything then became more or less a blur. Everyone called out to her, but garner no response. I checked for a pulse, but there was none.

I had to bid my last good bye.


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