Friday, December 11, 2009

Constipation Remedy Request

Anyone with any remedies for constipation??!! Forget fruits or vegetables, they don't seem to help even when I drown in them. Am desperate enough to try home remedies or 秘方.

It is always like this when I come back from Holidays. I am never able to "go" when I'm not in Singapore. When I return, the inertia stays. The highest record is 1 week! Can you imagine the amount of toxic I have in my body??

Will update some photos at Bintan soon!


Kristin said...

Drink Eno or yakult? They aid in digestion can help in constipation. At least for me =)

avril said...

okie ;) shall have a go!

Soh Hong Wei said...

Hi, To me its : Yakult.
Try! Good luck! =)

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