Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Orangutan has a Facebook account

I am the 66,877th fan of the 33 year old Nonja the Orangutan on her facebook. This furry idol is tasked to take pictures within her enclosure. Look at some of the nice shots she has taken with her Samsung ST1000 digital camera.

Sexy mates residing in her same enclosure. Tsk tsk tsk... She偷拍...

Kuah si mi kuah? Never see sexy lady Nonja before?

Master piece

Another master piece.

In actual fact, Nonja does not understand photography, she merely understands that when she press a button, a raisin pops out. kehehehe... Nonja's digital camera connects directly to her Facebook album via wi-fi. When she presses the shutter button, the photo is uploaded. The camera has a protective cover to protect against chewing.


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