Monday, December 21, 2009

Pictures @ Work

We are on @NTU Magazine! (P.S. I 自恋 can)

Discover Europe 2009 Exhibition
I realized that I'm often caught with funny expressions on candid shots. Simply put, I'm a CLOWN at work.

Farewell for the German Students

We are so gonna miss these 3 (Martin, Pino and Daniel). They are always game to clown alongside with me! Muahahahha. Will try to upload their hilarious ktv vids soon. Oh Oh.. Check out the Blueberry Tiramisu cake Adrian self made. It's superlicious! He can start his own bakery anytime.


Soh Hong Wei said...

Work and play, play and work.
Not clown lah.. i also work and crack lame jokes. =P

Work life is so stressful lah~

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