Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Cai Cai and CNY

Seeking targets to turn charm on... (Cai Cai thinks: Please give me ang bao or drop me some food....)
Maybe this will do the trick
Let me greet you with a handshake!
Job well done! Time to rest... zzzzz.....

Chinese New Year

The women in Sim Family

The youths in Sim family
Trying to take some serious shot hereOur paternal grandma and us
Who says old folks can't be cheeky?
Aza Fighting!

Day 2 at our usual restaurant

Finally a nice candid shot that I am okay with. (Candids usually turn out bad for me!)

CNY Reunion Lunch


Am simply too lazy after the CNY holidays to write much.
Pictures of Recording and Exam days for OBMusic class.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

拜个早年 - Happy "NIU" Year

America's first black president sworns in

With the entire world your audience, you can't not help but feel nervous huh. So it's pretty forgivable that Obama stumbled a little at the sworn-in.

He's generating a great deal of interest around the world, being America's first black president and one of her youngest to be in office.

I can't help but compare him to the series 24's black president David Palmer. David Palmer in the series simply wowed me over with his charisma and determined actions taken in times of crisis, so I'm secretly hoping that Obama will be like that fiction character, honest (清廉), impartial and cool headed.

Am currently catching his sworn-in speech, half anticipating a Martin Luther King style to be delivered, but it was not to be in the end I thought. =P

Okay! Dear Mr Obama, after all that partying, your first task is to save the messed up financial turmoil. Pluurrrsseeee.....!

Monday, January 19, 2009


The water heater in my house succumbed to old age and stopped functioning.
There was no tell tale sign at all.... Initially, it was kinda half dead. It managed to spill some warmth if we run the shower long enough at a slow rate. The next day, it totally gave up and we were left stranded in the toilet screaming.

Best la... We have to now boil hot water to pom pom till a new one is installed.

Friday, January 16, 2009

They played 我们的爱 demo I helped sang.

Disclaimer: I din sing well for that demo hor... Dun expect it to be nice when I sang with a sore throat and after a full bbq dinner.

我们的爱 (Demo 版) - Avril and Hagen

Interview with kemin - Hagen

Backdated - Outing with OB Music Mates

So long since we last had a group outing for our OB music class. These are my Advanced Level mates. Guess which is Lao Shi?
Hunger and Tam Jiak has so much meaning when avril see prawns.
Making his money worthwhile. The type you should bring for buffet.
Gals (Miss our dear Qin in the pictures as she went to join her other friends)

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Report report

Where are you?? It's perhaps time I called to demand of the long awaited damn thing. Makes one feel jittery floating nowhere..

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

What the.....

So annoying!!!... Helped a friend with his blog design and I din know how it can affect my blog too when I was laying out my other test blog. Gee.... All my settings are gone and hence you see the mis-alignment now... =(
Been ill for a pretty long while. So much so that I had neither the mood nor energy to think about blogging.

Feeling somewhat philosophical and yet this time, I can't seem to churn out interesting thoughts. My illness must have had sapped up quite abit of my energy huh.


Tuesday, January 06, 2009


Finally I decided that I will see my Chinese sinseh. Am down with bouts of flu, sore throat and tummy weirdness... Even felt like vomitting yesterday. Sian
After 2 months plus, it seems like Daz is happily settled at my place. Wonder how he feels should he go home or rehomed after so long. Even Cai is starting to accept his presence and Daz sees him as an older bro. Vet says it's pretty cruel at this point since a bond has definitely been established. To send him away now will only tell baby that he is being abandoned by what he has already deemed family. Vet says he probably would not forget us. Haiz... Pup owners please don't allow your pup to over-stay at a place cos that is where they think it's their real home.

Guess mom has also grown pretty fond of the little pup and wouldn't mind keeping if his dad really doesn't bother anymore. Afterall, she's been sleeping in the living room with daz (when he whines like mad) and forking out quite a bit in medical and expenses.

Took him to see a vet yet again. This time round it is bumps that are proliferating all over his body. Either a food allergy or heat rash or Schnauzer bumps. Vet cannot determine the cause so he was prescribed a medicated bath shampoo and ointment to be applied daily.

Poor boy, has been visiting the vet ever since he came. Such a weak disposure. Cai was a much healthier pup when he came.

Saturday, January 03, 2009

Cai goes to work with Mama

Sorry, I'm busy taking over mummy's duties. Talk to ya later.
Hm... How do I turn on the screens? Nothing shown leh? I'm actually hoping yellow ducky will drop for me...
Mummy, can you just give me my mum mum without having to work on your behalf?
I'm mummy's 得力助手!
I think it''s best that I do my part as a dog afterall. Sleep while mummy work on.
On a side note: I'm so grateful that my family has grown to love dogs. They are now always concerned for a dog's welfare be it our own or those that come to stay with us for a while. For the fact that we have always received unconditioned love from our 4 legged furries.
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