Sunday, April 19, 2009

Keeping Occupied

I've been pretty much occupying myself as much as I can.

Though it's barely even halfway through, I'm feeling better already.

Keep playing GB all the time. Trying to stay positive!

Time seem to move so slowly.... It's only like 2 weeks but already feeling like years.....

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Back from Counselling

Took time off in the morning for counselling again.
Every meet up does seem to help abit here and there.

Counsellor agreed that I can have my time off, but we will set a time limit for down feelings.


Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Ah Tan dragged me out yesterday to see Liang Wen Ying knowing that I was still feeling sian and also to pass me my bday gift and PS's. Thanks to Evonne (ah Tan's friend, I had tot was the Evonne I knew), we got the tix to enter and watch them have fun.

It's so weird to see them sing birthday song. Seems like ages that birthday celebrations like that occur to me liao. Ah Tan suddenly switched roles to become audience, which was pretty amusing. Like a fan, he even went on stage to pass her his gift to her. The good thing was that she recognised him almost immediately.

Overall, the party was just for Liang la. I had anticipated her to sing but she did not, much to my disappointment. Wasn't as excited with my tummyache as well.

Muackz to Evonne (the one I know well) for the nice handphone chain. She was there as well cheering her hearts out to Liang.

Yesterday just passed in a swift. Who cares about turning 28 so soon... lol. My lunar one passsed like a week ago.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Cheering up

Am thankful for today. PS, TS, HL and D came over to play with the dogs in the evening and we went out to have dinner along with PL after her class project meeting.

I was kinda lazy to be going out these day, immersing in my own sian-ness. Meeting them kinda helped cheer me up abit more.

Read the card that HL wrote for me. It bears simple words yet I was touched. Made me realise that I have been living in my small world for too long.

Will head to Dr Oh's clinic tmr for my check up. Trying to solicitate some part time work if possible.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Woke up late as usual. Had the usual dreams but they are getting lesser.

Finally mustered some energy to visit my grandma at my aunt's place.

Took both dogs over so it was quite a big task.

Got back not long ago. Still looking forward to the next counselling.

Am going to head to bed soon. Seems like I'm sleeping earlier each day.

Thursday, April 09, 2009


Professional counselling does help afterall.

After going through the problems with mine, he cleared up alot of air. I need to regain myself first.

I will try to keep myself distracted as much as possible.

Monday, April 06, 2009

Longer Hair

I extended my hair recently till it is reaching my waist. Had wanted myself to change, but doing something so external doesn't really changed me internally at all.. Will it?

I feel like disappearing

Yeah I know it is really irresponsible of me to want that. But at least for a while I feel like being alone with myself. Take a short break. Forget everything including work and start afresh when I return. Sigh...

Sunday, April 05, 2009


Woke up really early this morning to go Guang Ming Shan with parents to pray to ancestors.
After which we dropped by Causuarina for Prata.

Drop back into sleeping mode till around 12 noon.

Back to the emptiness feeling now. Been trying to play GB but no mood...

Shall try to attempt to pack my room later on if I can find the motivation to.

Some more immediate things to do

Filing my income tax! (Wa lao... should have already done it)
Servicing my car
Pumping air to the tyres
Washing the car
Going for my dental
Packing my room
Clearing up my closet
Vehicle for inspection due in June
Going through my investment potfolio

Engine Oil

Bought this from Giant @ IMM. Went there after Gram's birthday dinner. Quite a good deal at $29.

Gram's Birthday

I made a mistake... We weren't going to grams for prayers but for her birthday.... How did I hear wrong?

Was kinda bored, so I just tried to finish off these cubes. Not bad at all.. 6 formulas and everyone was impressed with me.

I have the strangest bruise on my arm. Not sure how it came about. Was already there before I head to bed yesterday.

Saturday, April 04, 2009

Super Pig

Just awoke at 1pm today... Super Pig...
The retainers are making my ulcer hurt but there's nothing I can do.
Fed cai and daz lunch and then gave daz his antibiotics.
Am sitting down now finally to have my lunch.

Will be heading with my parents to Grandma's place later this evening. Think they are doing prayers today for Qing Ming.

This period seems to be exceptionally long...


Took cai cai for an evening walk. Came home and bathed him, clean his ears and nip his nails.
Quite a tedious task.. Already had a backache bathing Daz yesterday and combing them both.

Mom just splurge few hundred bucks again on Daz Daz. His skin condition is terrible... Why do Schnauzers always have such problems... And his mouth stinks despite me brushing his teeth lor.


包容一個人需要 ﹝肚量﹞

Liking someone requires impulsiveness
Loving someone requires bravery
Understanding someone requires time
Showing tolerance to someone requires generosity
Loving one another needs fate
Living together needs wisdom

Friday, April 03, 2009

Learning to be Disciplined

At 27 (turning 28 soon) years old, I'm actually still learning to be disciplined.

Some things come very late to me in life. I have to admit that I really suck at some areas.

Today marks the first day of this journey. I will learn to be strong, exercise self control and being independent.

I think I will and can do it now.

Will be counting down to the day of liberation.

If you are feeling helpless and low like me, please ganbatte together!

2 months max I have given myself. You guys will be my witnesses.

To do list:
  1. Remembering to put on retainers every night
  2. Filing my income tax! (Wa lao... should have already done it)
  3. Servicing my car
  4. Pumping air to the tyres (I've been missing it)
  5. Washing the car
  6. Going for my dental
  7. Packing my room and maintaining it for 2 months
  8. Brushing cai and daz's teeth at least weekly
  9. Clearing up my closet
  10. Treating my cough
  11. Be focus at work and not always on msn
  12. Slowing down the pace of my life and think more rationally
  13. Take cai for walks
  14. Do some daily readings
  15. Record some songs (when my cough's gone)
  16. Going on a self-learning trip (If I can cough out the money instead)
  17. Exercise (Maybe do the thing I hate most... Jogging)
  18. Hopefully do some voluntary work
  19. Visiting my grandma more often
  20. Vehicle for inspection due in June
  21. Going through my investment potfolio
  22. Maintaining a certain input saving into my accounts

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