Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Fund Raising for Charmaine

Have a studio shot taken at The Colourful Faces Studio for your personal profile,biz profile,resume,ID or passport purposes and help raise funds for Little Charmaine.Session will take max 5min and a best shot in soft copy will be given back to you.Pls bring along your thumdrive or we will email to you.

Contribute at least S$20 or more to the donation box provided.All contribution will goes to Little Charmaine medical fee.

Pls do your own makeup or hairstyling if require before you come.Pls be dress in the attire that you wish to be photographed.Corporate jackets are available in the studio if really needed.

Pls check http://www.thecolourfulfaces.com/contact for direction

Monday, June 29, 2009

How cool

My ex colleague, Meehae Song just had her first book "Virtual Reality for Cultural Heritage Applications" published! How cool is that??!

I may even see my name tagged as one of the acknowledgments! That's even cool! lol

More information is available at Amazon!

Congratulations Meehae!

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Online Buys

Was recently shopping online for a dress to wear for my friend's upcoming wedding. Found a relatively reasonable shop from HK and decided to place orders. The only problem was that I had to purchase in bulk and each design I buy, I have to have a minimum of 2 orders.

Had initially wanted to ask friends to tag along in buying but I'm not sure of the supplier's quality. Hence I took the risk to buy in first.

The clothes have just arrived and I'm quite happy with their quality. Anyone interested in the following items below? I, myself kept 1 of each design, so the rest I'm letting go at cost price. Sorry if I spoil market out there cos I just don't need doubles of the same item. Paid a total of USD 20 for shipment so that cost will be factored in as well.

After sourcing so many online overseas supplier, I sometimes do not feel like getting clothes straight from shops here le. They overcharge us by alot... Bought a dress once for $15 and saw a shop in bugis selling it at $59.90.

Anyway, here are my buys:

(Temp Reserved for a friend who's abroad - I super love this dress) Size S, cost = $16.90

Top @ $10 (Kept a yellow one for myself) ~ Reserved

Lace Dress @ $16.90, free size (Kept one myself)

Blouse @ $16.30 (Black and Green available) ~ black Reserved

The dress I'm wearing to my friend's wedding!
@ $20

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Lost Poodle (FOUND)

Please contact Derrick if you spot a similar straying Poodle... It requires regular medication.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Adobe Premier Pro CS4 Course

In the midst of the course right now getting the basics right.
Given the tight timeframe of the current on-going projects at work, it is really a luxury to be granted 3 days off for this. Afterall, it should pay off in the end.

Monday, June 15, 2009

New Header

A new header for a new outlook in life.

So much happened within these few months that I was forced to re-adjust my value system and look at myself within.

Almost became a hermit and slept more than 12hrs every weekend days. Alot of hurt, pain, negative thoughts, sadness and self-doubt set in.

I don't want to run away anymore... I now understand what it means by "Sometimes no decision is a decision"

Friday, June 12, 2009

Been wanting to do some retail therapy but am so not wanting to face the crowds.
I rather face the strays I feed occasionally.

Anyway with a friend's wedding coming up, I had to perk up myself a little since I'm gonna be her jie mei afterall. Did some online shopping in the end.

Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Got back an hour ago after a movie with my colleagues and feeding strays in my area.

Pretty tired but I guess it's all worth it.

Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Think cai cai's somehow affected and suffering some mild depression.

His left eye is constantly watering and everyday thick yellow mucus forms on the outer lids as well as covering his pupils. It gets quite bad at times with both eyes too. He's been tearing alot..

Been like this for a month plus already. Giving him eye drops from the vet don't work as well.

Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Went LCK with Uncle Seng a few times recently. He asked if he could help by talking to him seeing me ill and sad everyday. Dejectedly, I always sigh and say only fate will give an answer.

I do find some solace feeding the strays with him. My heart really go to one stray with only 3 legs. The back one was amputated after it was caught in some wild boar's trap and one front paw is a little handicapped too. I was thinking if I could have adopted her if I have my own place. Cai will be so so jealous. Well, too many dogs at home right now to be thinking of that.

Some new babies are borned but everyday more and more getting missing. We suspect either they were caught and taken away or attacked by the wild pigs.

Sigh.. I'm not expecting a miracle pill right now where I can take and everything will be fine. I guess somehow I will really grow from this and perhaps when I look back one day, I will reminise and be grateful that things did happen this way.

I do not regret coming forth and being honest with myself.
After so many months of crying and hanging there, I guess it is time that I accept that certain things can't be helped.

From 43kg, I'm reduced to 37 already. I don't think I have more to spend. I had wanted to donate blood but I'm getting further and further away from my target.

The road to being honest with myself wasn't as easy as I had originally thought. Life just have to throw you the harshest lesson so that you will never fall back and repeat the same mistakes.

One fortune teller happened to tell me that I will live this life with a regret. Perhaps this is the regret.
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