Friday, October 30, 2009

Sleep Sleep

Am feeling so sleepy at work!!!! Lunch was fantastic at Crystal Jade, but it left us all with the sleep bug right now.

Hopefully, I can be energetic later at 爱琴海. Haven't thought of what songs to sing yet.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

October Updates

Haven't been updating my blog for a bit. Just some updates on my recent activities.

Jerine's Wedding

The bride and her entourage. We were laughing as it was our turn to be pranked upon by the brothers. Did the Nobody dance. Well we showed them what it was to do it professionally. LOL. 90% are dancers k... Dun play play.
Groom was prepared. Cost of replacing a new gate cost much less than the angbaos for the sisters. Smart but too bad, ang baos are still a necessity for entrance.

These guys are full of funny ideas. They came armed with a thousand one dollar coins to bribe their way through. Should have really confiscated that prop!

Guy's good morning version of Nobody to the entire neighbourhood.

The cute note delivery guy.

Cai and Daz Outing @ Bishan Park

Big peers at the park.

Apparently they only display brotherly love when they are out but not at home.

Meeting another of his kind. Daz is definitely unruly looking... lol
Thirsty duo after so much fun.

Resting before they go for their 2nd round of play.

爱琴海's Theme Night - 张惠妹精选

With Meihui, the other singer in my batch.

And of cos never forget a picture with Evonne!

My next session at 爱琴海 is this coming Friday 7:30pm! Come if you can but be sure to be early. The previous friday I sang was so packed that some had to be turned away. Never seen it so packed before.
Read some guy, Alvin's blog on his proposal to his gf.

While it was originality at its best, I thought it could have been nicer if there was the element of surprise. "Treasure hunt" can also don't reveal the finale first ma. Alot of people think it's romantic. Romantic meh? Afterall, his gf did know what was installed at the end of it. I supposed Alvin knows her well enough to be gamed on a proposal like that. At least the female lead is happy.

I may be making a general statement, but I think most gals are happy with a simple proposal without such a big hoo ha. What matter most is the sincerity isn't it? With all the actions done, now these 2 have to undergo so many post media scrutiny and interviews. Tiring leh...

Monday, October 19, 2009


Aiyo... The ah nia here is really bad with her finances. Till date her savings skills stays put at the novice level. Far cry from the so called ideal amount necessary for rainy days. She is now doing up her new excel expenses sheet and is seeing a dismaying sight. PATHETIC AH!

However, the wenwu effect is slowly getting to her. She's starting to panic and trying to spend lesser than usual. Hopefully the amount status will go from miserable to an okay?

Cannot go out of job ah! Boo Hoo!!!

Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Beijing and Back

1st Oct

Arrival at the Beijing International Airport and I was requested by the immigration officer to remove my spectacles. I look so different without my specs meh. Hopefully the reason being I've grown nicer looking! lol... My passport photo darn ugly lor....

So relieved to be off the plane. Was getting quite bored and restless on board after watching "The talking of Pelham" Sis can't wait to snap us as we approached the arrival gate.

My baby sister all grown up in a foreign land.

Drag Drag Drag... I want my rest.

Okay... I got into some difficulty hauling my luggage down the steps. Even dragging it down slope was a hassle.

What's left of the luggage after removing almost 80% of my sister's stuff. I think I make a good fedex delivery man.

Our first dinner in Beijing at the famous 全聚德 for Peking Duck.
Happily allowing my sister to snap away. Contentment after a long flight.

Don't look much but the portions are big. We had leftovers and felt guilty about it. The Chinese people there really eat alot!

Back in my sister's living quarters I was playing the fool with her medical equipment daydreaming about being a doc too.

We were fortunate to have my sister's bedroom facing Tian An Men's direction. We had fireworks the entire night away. The fireworks were fantastic! There were so many kinds and even smiley face ones. PRO!

2nd Oct

Destination: Tian An Men Square, the forbidden palace and Shopping

Needless to say, everywhere was just crazily crowded.

Shots near the Tian An Men. The local authorities made the place into a flowery heaven.

Sky's exceptionally blue and cloudless! Pretty!

Who's that?

Role-playing mode: How can I not wear my headgear when I am heading back to the palace?

Daydreaming: Yeah! I'm back home. I'm looking forward to see my 皇上.

Alas! 慈宁宫 was out of bounds. I cannot pay my respects to 老佛爷. But thankfully, I managed to locate my bedroom. I'm one hell of an excitement. But where's my 皇上?

Apparently, this is the highest standing point in the palace ground for concubines when they are home sick. They will look into the direction of their hometown and reminisce.

Me: You know ah... I was here blah blah blah blah...
Sis: Sighz.... there she goes again.

We went to Xi Dan after the forbidden palace. Look at the crowd!
A Hugely recommended place! Going there, one must sha sha sha! Slash prices like mad. I must say one have to really have thick skin. It is like a huge market place there. I've got boots for like SGD 10 each and bags for SGD 7 each. Great bargains huh! Apart from this place, try the 明珠市场 as well. Everything's so bargainable there!

Back in my sister's room:
Look at that glee.
What's so fun about poking oneself...
3rd Oct

Destination: The Great Wall (慕田峪)

We woke up religiously at 5am and started our journey at 6am to the subway station.
Sister and I had already planned to go to a much less visited stretch of the Great Wall to avoid the huge crowd anticipated at BaDaLing.

At the subway, eating is not prohibited! Glee! So I kept munching away at my pancake for the long journey ahead.

We took an hour plus to reach 怀柔 by bus 916 and then switch to a minibus to the base of the Great Wall. Total journey time was around 3 hours.

Driver: Rmb 100 for all 3 of you.
Dad: Too expensive.
Driver: Rmb 25 each then.
Me: Okay! (with glee as I thought we got the so called optimum price stated in Lonely planet)

But alas! I forgot that Lonely Planet is written by Ang Mos!!! I found out at the end that we were paying 5 times the local price. Although Rmb 25 for that hour's ride isn't that much too la. Remember to negotiate down.

The start of the entrance. So scenic...

So full of anticipation to one of the greatest constructions in the world. The only one visible from space.

Man made limestone cave at the entrance.

The start of a long ascend....

It took us about an hour's climb to reach the base of the Great Wall. Shiok weather!

Happily eating home made mooncake atop the Great Wall.

Absolutely breath-taking. (The walk also takes away your breath. quah quah quah)

Although we were so tired, we still insisted on the jumping shots.

I believe I can fly... I believe I can touch the sky.

We climbed to a point we thought was the highest after some 2 hour plus, we saw this...
Words on the slope reads "终于毛主席" (Loyalty to Chairman Mao)
It was what we coined "The unforgiving stretch".... Barely anyone up there...

We gave up on that stretch. It was too tiring by then. We vowed to return to conquer that!

Back at the base of the hill, we had our names drawn!

And we saw a familiar sight! Subway! Eat Fresh!!!
We spent a good 10 hours for the entire Great Wall trip. I cannot help but keep wanting to iterate! Must Must Must go to the Great Wall at least once in your lifetime. It is definitely worth all the efforts.

The return trip back was terrible very much due to my stupidity. I shan't emphasize why, but we ended up having to stand a whole 40 mins on the bus. That was so tiring especially after "conquering" the Wall.

Tired as it is, we pushed our limits to continue walking around to make good of our day. We saw Raffles City!!! A piece of home! We can't not visit right?

Inside the lift of Raffles city

The so called atas meal at an Italian Restaurant. Delicious!

4th Oct

Work and more work at The Orchard of Beijing, Wang Fu Jing Street.

Delicacies... anyone?

Man I was god damn tired on the 4th day and my legs were literally giving up on me. So I allowed my sister to practise acupuncture on me....

Me: ..... I feel it.... I feel it.... Darn that small needle alone numbed the entire right leg...

Then it's work work and work for me!!!!
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