Friday, January 29, 2010

Buffet Catering

Check out this link if you ever wanna cater for a buffet!

What's so good about this site?
  1. They have a huge caterer support which means you can find literally any type of buffet catering you like.
  2. A quick and easy search.
  3. Regular updates of the 5 most popular buffet caterers of the the week.
  4. Most importantly, you get 5% CASH back when you order.
It is a one stop haven for people to check on reviews (both customers and foodline) and recommendations of the various caterers before placing orders. Do support them!

Nani Nani Boo Boo. I am a diplomat and you can't proscecute me

There are so many things which I am so unaware of.

Was discussing with J regarding the Hit and Run accident involving Romanian diplomat, Dr Silviu Ionescu. It has already been proven that his car wasn't stolen and he was indeed the one behind the wheel at the time of the crime. He has thus far left Singapore and "seek protection" back home. Though at the point in time, there was no proof of evidence, it just irks me that we have no means of withholding him in SG to assist in the matter/case. TMD.... How to prosecute him now?

According to The New Paper, at around 3am on Dec 15, the car, a black Audi A6, had ploughed into two friends, Mr Tong Kok Wai, 30, and his friend, Mr Bong Hwee Haw, 24, at the junction of Bukit Panjang Road and Bangkit Road.

The two men, who had just finished supper at a 24-hour coffee shop in Bukit Panjang, both suffered head injuries and fractures.

The car hit another victim, 18-year-old Muhd Abu Talib at the next junction.

Mr Tong, a Malaysian, died at 2pm on Christmas Day, Dec 25, after suffering severe brain damage.

J mentioned something regarding diplomatic immunity and this is what I found:

What is diplomatic immunity?
It is a form of legal protection and a principle of international law under the 1961 Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations. It ensures diplomats are given safe passage and cannot be sued or prosecuted in the host country’s courts.
Win liao lor. Sometimes I just feel that 法律 can be pretty rigid, but yet it has to be that way. Darn... Periodically review passed legislation leh. Laws can also get outdated also right? Correct me if I'm wrong.

What is the purpose of diplomatic immunity?
To allow for the maintenance of government relations, including during periods of difficulties and war. And to allow diplomats to perform their duties with freedom, independence and security.
Someone define for me duties. Does that include crimes?

What can the host country do to apprehend a diplomat who’s a suspect in a criminal case?
The host country can request that diplomatic immunity be waived by the diplomat’s home country. If it refuses to do so, the host country can declare the diplomat persona non grata (unwanted person) and expel him.
“The host country can also request that the diplomat be prosecuted in his own country and his privileges be taken away,” the lawyer said.
Wah lao... Declare non grata is letting him go scott free.

What action can victims of offences committed by diplomats take?
None. They cannot sue diplomats as diplomatic immunity protects them from civil lawsuits as well.
“Diplomatic cars are usually not covered by insurance as it’s not required, so they probably can’t make a claim,” the lawyer said.

Isn't it infuriating? Laws are meant to protect the innocent isn't it? Where is JUSTICE when the people needs it? We need a modern 包青天.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Slow and sleepy

The equivalent of being drunk is lack of sleep.

Signs to look out for in Avril when she's lack of sleep:
1) Talking incoherently
2) Laughing nonsensically and loudly at anything colleagues say
3) Spacing out infront of the monitor
4) Instigating colleagues to do stupid things
5) Can't walk straight
6) Singing

I'm doing almost all of the above today and Chao said I sounded like I was drunk! hahahaha....
Even Adrian knows what stupid thoughts are going in my head. I merely said "Shall we...." and he completed with a "go shopping?" So smart! The 3 of us are bored to death with our desktops doing huge computations and everything is just SLOW!

Oh man... What a boring Thursday today is...

Tan Tan

Am so heading to Shaw Towers soon if I have the time.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Came to learn of a new, nice and serene park. Am told that I shouldn't share the location if not too many people will start populating it. =P

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Self Reflection Letter by a Primary Kid

My Chinese colleagues think this primary school kid has got exceptional writing skills. I laughed so much after reading it!

检讨书 (Self-reflection letter)

今天,阳光明媚,天气晴朗,海枯石烂,神圣的五班正在知知识中遨游。而我,我居然在吃辣鱼仔,沾污了二(5)班这一脉清泉,影响了同学们学习,在塔惨祖国的花朵; 我简直对不起父母,对不起老师, 对不起人民,对不起列祖列宗, 对不起党, 对不起中华人民共和国。 可能我吃东西会影响了同学们在思考,可能影响了他们的未来科学家头脑,影响了他未来社会主义特色国家的建设。 而且我毛病特多, 打瞌睡, 大声喧哗,说粗口,迟到,上课吃东西等等, 数之不尽, 多如天上繁星。 如果打瞌睡是罪,我已经犯下滔天大罪; 如果迟到是一种错,我已经一错再错, 但感谢您, my dear miss Gu, 你宽宏大量的气度令我得到重生。 我感激的泪水可以填满塔里木盒地; 我感动的心跳好比汶州大地震; 我浪子回头的决心赛过女娲补天。 感激老师给我这样一个机会可以贴在公告栏, 令同学们可以监督我,我一定会好好学习,报效桂中,报效社会,报效共产党,报效社会主义特色的中国,报效胡锦涛。。。

I look like Vanille?

According to my colleagues, I resemble Vanille in Final Fantasy 13. Is that so?
Maybe I'll go do a pose like this and compare! lol

Monday, January 25, 2010


Twitter's Down, so here's a nice quote that I chanced upon.

"I expect to pass through this life but once, herefore, if there be any kindness I can show, or any good thing I can do for another living being, let me do it now, for I shall not pass this way again."

It made me recall a scene this morning when I saw a lorry back full of live pigs. It pains me to think that they are heading towards an end. It is such a sorry sight... Which also brought back memories of the time in Cambodia when I witnessed a pig being tied up for slaughter. I can never forget its cry till date.

At Cheryl's place with Wang

Double A



On Stage

Saturday, January 23, 2010

My missing Pig....

Woo Hoo!!! Our dear friend, Phyllis in HK has bought me and cheryl our piggy doraemon!!! Yeah!
Though there is news that Mac SG will bring it in in April. Am still so so happy that she got it for us!!!
So nice of her right!!! Now my entire collection is complete! Oink!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Project Mop Mop

If I don't have to work, I seriously don't mind doing housework. Maybe it is the novelty of it, that's why I'm finding it fun at the moment. LOL.

The life of the part-time maid started at 11am (!!!!! Good life maid) today. Cooked breakfast for the dogs, watered the plants, did prayers, zipped off to Macs to get the last set of Doraemon, replenished dogs' groceries at Pet Lovers, bought lunch for the brother and then back home to "entertain" some housework. I feel so AUNTIE lor....

The poor mop was put through an intensed ballet routine, doing 360 twirls and pirouettes with a "siao gina". I now understand why my mom always complain about Daz when she mops. He SINGS loud and clear through the entirety of the mop dance. Imagine the on going "music" accompliment when I did the routine twice.... Faintz... My mom loves to call him Winner Daz, I say Whinner Daz more likely...

This is only a very small fraction of his entire composition.

Dance Partner of the day.

Swee Swee dance floor

This area is a constant mess...!

A loud and whinny Schnauzer trapped with his unhappy brother.

Anyway, this week is totally insane! I don't have the priviledge to rest properly at home at all. Been flying all over the place with lessons, rehearsals and dogs. Now I have to be preparing to head out soon to Ocean Butterflies again for a major rehearsal. It's fast becoming my second home!

Urgh.. I forgot the Laundry! Eekz!

The last set

I'll probably stay away from Macs for a while after tomorrow's pancakes so as to purchase my last set of Doraemons~! Thankfully, I have grown to be ok with the taste of their pancakes. I don't know why, but I used to hate eating them alot when I was much younger. But having it every Thursdays is still a little too much for me. Afterall, I don't exactly fancy their coffee (even the premium coffee tastes so bland) or their hash brown.

I must say that the staff at the Khatib branch have been so kind to me. They will always remember an extra pack of butter for my pancakes. It pays to be nice and polite to them in the first place. Remember that million dollar smile too, cos that will earn you extra perks at times.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

New maid in the house

Roles have reversed. My parents called from Hong Kong to report that they have landed safely.
Now, I am Queen of the house, at least for this week. Perhaps I should use the word Maid instead since I have to be waking up earlier now to clear the dogs' pee and shit, water the plants, washing clothes, washing dishes, praying on behalf of my mom, mopping floor, taking the dogs for their walks etc...

I wonder how mom will react to me messing up her kitchen. Afterall, I haven't been cooking for a long long time. The dogs will have their happy meals everyday for a while! Am gonna do grocery shopping soon. =)

Monday, January 18, 2010

SCAPE Chinese Confession

Ocean Butterflies will be putting up a 3hr show just outside Takashimaya coming Saturday, 7:30pm (23rd Jan 2010).
Ah nia here will be doing 3 songs for that particular gig as well. Looking forward to it!

Sunday, January 17, 2010


I know I should be concentrating on driving (on the fast lane somemore) but the rainbow is too good to be missed. How often do we stop to appreciate how beautiful nature can be? Heng I had my camera with me then. =P


Friday, January 15, 2010

Transcript of Minister Mentor Lee's interview with Mark Jacobson

Read here first:

Thursday, January 14, 2010

On Eating Less Meat

I've been pretty disciplined on trying to cut down on my meat intake. It isn't as difficult as anticipated.
Apart from home cook dinner (my mom wouldn't let me off), my breakfasts and lunches are totally vegetarian. I am proud to say that thus far (a week), I haven't had much of a craving for meat.

The other benefit I'm deriving from being less carnivorous is that my digestive problems have lessened! Yipee! I should try to stay healthier for now. Haven't been exercising for a long long while too. Am wondering how I can go about being more disciplined in that area..... This one's TOUGH neh.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Phone Etiquette

My colleagues and I share the same telephone in my office. Conveniently, it sits on my desk so I am the "operator". I am so used to being polite on the office phone that whenever my own handphone rings, I always have the tendency to go "CAMTech, This is Avril speaking. How can I help you?"

It happened many times already! I can imagine how stunned my friends were to be hearing me speak that way. Please excuse me if I pick up your calls in this manner. Job hazard (职业病) you know.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Apparently I didn't follow advice and did something really stupid today. Shan't flaunt what I did, but I IS STUPID.


Time to withdraw voluntarily from the world to seek the truth in solitude. Most likely the answer lies within, but if you are feeling stuck, seek sensible advice from a wise and more experienced person.

Monday, January 11, 2010


The question of Death came to me when I was merely 6 years of age. I woke up that fine morning wondering how it is like to experience Death. Lying on the mattress I had shared with my aunt, I tried to imagine that I could no longer think and pretended I was dead. Then in my little mind, I realised that Death was just like sleeping. When I get knocked out, I felt nothing. That nothingness scared me and I started sobbing. Death was a darn scary thing to me at that instant.

So afraid I was that I ran up to my grandmother and demanded a photograph of her. Not knowing that it was a taboo thing to say, I told her "Cos I'm afraid that when you die, I will never get to see you again. I need your picture now!".

Amazingly, given my short term memory, I could still remember this scene vividly. My grandma's wide eyed look was replaced really quickly with a warm smile as she acceded my request. She gave me a coloured passport picture of herself and told me "Must remember ah ma ah".

Years down the road, I think I still have that picture safely kept in one of my memory boxes. And thankfully, my maternal grandmother is still around. I guess having that picture or not makes not much of a difference now. Our most treasured memories are often the most well preserved in our minds isn't it.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Good intention, Wrong action

Recent Hooha over OCBC's birthday cake advertisment.
Found it pretty cheesy myself. However, someone took the advert literally and demanded a birthday cake in a bid to test the bank's sincerity. Good intention, but bo liao move my dear...

In all fairness, I am pretty sure that the advertisement did not promise a cake to every customer on their birthdays. But anyways, the lady got her cake and guess what? She complains about how terrible it turned out to be... Though, the apparent lack of service quality for the matter (Improve Pls!), I wonder if the poor fellow who bought the cake managed to claim from the company. He/She isn't exactly that highly paid you know. You want a cake, they give you a cake. You get the cake, you complain! KNN...

The entire episode is just plain tasteless. Having to work at 6pm on a Sunday is already a huge dampener for any employee. To have it further ruined by a prankster with her misguided wishes....
Like der.... It was the bloody cold huge corporation who made that ad, not the employee. Why trash and make things difficult for the innocent ones?

Someone mentioned for her to try getting POSB to fetch her children. It may work leh! Perhaps I should try that stunt and then blog about it so that I can also enjoy my 10 mins of internet fame as well!

Thursday, January 07, 2010

My entire Jan is going to be SO SO SO Busy...
There are even overlapping appointments. Wah liew... Like the ah nia here can split herself into 2 places... ROAR!!!!

Request Wolfgang to find me a PA? hahahaha Dream on!

Why no pig?

Had a really good laugh on my way to work listening to my usual 不给一口丁program.

It is a tad sensitive to be discussing this over here, but as you know, the current Doraemon lucky charms do not include the pig of the 12 zodiac. They were having a hell of a time debating over that which was so darn hilarious!

Na... If you really want the entire set, here you go!

Having my pancake breakfast and in 10 mins time, I will be zipping off to LT3 for buffet lunch. POWER! hahaha

Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Tottemo Daisuki, Doraemon!

Everyone tells me that the first set of 3 doraemons is out of stock island wide.

Cajoled Chao and Adrian to go Macs with me to have it checked out and get them, even though today is the last day of the first set, even when everyone else scurried through many Macdonalds to find them sold out and even if it means to coax the counter staff to give us the display sets. =P


Yah la I was excited like a little child can? Even the counter staff were bemused. Life's too sad! Must get excited over the simplest things in life what.

And guess what??


Yeah! Sold out island wide but I managed to get them!!!!  Lucky or what??! Even managed to get an extra set for Cheryl san! She will love me for it! An extra Rabbit for Cindy gal who complained that she couldn't find it.

They don't look exactly that great seriously. It is the satisfaction of getting them when others are having such a hard time doing so. =P

Chao also got herself a set and Zhigao zipped off immediately to get them the moment we proudly showed our conquests.

CAMTech 疯了!

What an Avrilicious day. I IS A HAPPY GAL!

Konna koto iina
Dekitara iina
Anna yume konna yume
Ippai arukedo.

Minna minna minna
Fushigina pokke de

Sora wo jiyuu ni tobitai na.
(Doraemon: Hai, takecopter!)
An an an tottemo daisuki Doraemon.
An an an tottemo daisuki Doraemon.

shukudai touban shiken ni otsukai
anna koto konna koto taihen dakedo
minna minna minna
tasukete kureru
benrina dougu de tasukete kureru
omocha no heitai da
(sore! tototsugeki!)
AN AN AN tottemo daisuki DORAEMON

anna toko ii na
iketara ii na
kono kuni ano shima takusan aru kedo
minna minna minna
ikasete kureru
mirai no kikai de kanaete kureru
sekai ryokou ni ikitai na
(ufufufu... doko demo DOA!)
AN AN AN tottemo daisuki DORAEMON
AN AN AN tottemo daisuki DORAEMON 

(p.s. I actually remember the Chinese version of the song too!)

K. Am going back to my boring, mundane work... bleh...

CNY 2010

We need influx of new ideas for this year's CNY card.... Running out of ideas....







Win liao lor

Doraemon Craze is coming to town... This person cannot get his/her first 3 animals and decided to go DIY? LOL... *evil thought... I wonder how Cai or Daz will look....

Keyboard Lessons

I'm starting on pop music keyboard lessons. Though I had completed my electronic organ, I realised that I'm still quite bad with fingerings and sight readings. I love the feel of the piano keys much better though.

I kinda amaze myself with the speed I'm picking up despite no practise (No Keyboard!!) at all. Muahahahaha! *Proudz.
But still, I need to get my portable grand soon!!!! Should I consider other options than wait for Yamaha's stock?

Sidetrack, my colleagues are so funny, they suddenly came up with this statement: "Tiger year, good for Tiger Beer, bad for Tiger Woods?"

Tuesday, January 05, 2010

New Header for 2010

Was thinking of either this header

or the one already on my blog.

Well, still think the one I chose fits the theme though I did not do a proper job of removing background.

Nooo~~ My Doraemon...!

SHIT!!! How come I do not know that MacDonalds have been selling Doraemon since 1st Jan??
The first 3 (Tiger, Rabbit, Dragon) are sold out le~!!!!!! Oh NO~~~~!!!!!! My 十二生肖!

Yah.. I know. I exaggerated la. But Doraemon's so cute! He's got a 八宝袋 that I always thought was so cool lor. I could use some help with that interesting pocket of his.

Shall go check out Macs tomorrow! I foresee alot of pancake breakfast every thursday from now..... OMG..
Will it be like another Hello Kitty Frenzy again?

Why no PIG??!

Stray Day

Saw a stray dog sleeping by the expressway on the way to work. Don't have the luxury to stop in time to check on it. Hopefully it was just sleeping and not injured. Will see if I am able to drive there later to access.

Then I spotted another female stray at the entrance of my workplace! Knowing me, I can't not stop to take a look. She was so friendly!! Came wagging its tail at me the moment I called it and even allow me to pat her. She seem really well fed and looked lost. Refused the treats I offered. Tried to get Uncle Seng on the phone but while I was doing that, she ran off across the road into foliage. Will try to spot her again if I can. This area isn't exactly dog friendly and neither is it safe....


Wah lao... Distracted at work now.


My dear Primary School mates! We came a long long way. =)

Monday, January 04, 2010

Great... Xiaxue gives up Pumpkin

Yet another case of abandonment citing all sort of excuses for it.
Had originally thought, at least she WAS a dog lover.

Monday Bluez

Been such a nice long week that I thought I must be dreaming. I don't want it to end leh. Muahahaha!

Thrust back into reality, a whole shitload is waiting! I feel like shouting...
Maybe I shall sneak up later into one of the rooftops of the spine and scream out loud. It was something that me and Cheryl would used to do in our university days to let go steam. And yes... we did even weirder things before on that roof top.... LOL That's for you to find out!

I really miss our younger times, when there are lesser frustrations and responsibilities.
好想能不长大。 大人的世界好难懂。
Still, I am forced to grow up somehow. I hope I will never forget to smile no matter what.

Gambatte Everyone!

Sunday, January 03, 2010


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