Thursday, January 14, 2010

On Eating Less Meat

I've been pretty disciplined on trying to cut down on my meat intake. It isn't as difficult as anticipated.
Apart from home cook dinner (my mom wouldn't let me off), my breakfasts and lunches are totally vegetarian. I am proud to say that thus far (a week), I haven't had much of a craving for meat.

The other benefit I'm deriving from being less carnivorous is that my digestive problems have lessened! Yipee! I should try to stay healthier for now. Haven't been exercising for a long long while too. Am wondering how I can go about being more disciplined in that area..... This one's TOUGH neh.


Jamie Gan said...

i will pay u a visit at the nunnery. of course i will bring fruits along.

Soh Hong Wei said...

I need to learn from u too!! =)

avril said...

LOL. That's a good sign my friend!

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