Thursday, January 21, 2010

Project Mop Mop

If I don't have to work, I seriously don't mind doing housework. Maybe it is the novelty of it, that's why I'm finding it fun at the moment. LOL.

The life of the part-time maid started at 11am (!!!!! Good life maid) today. Cooked breakfast for the dogs, watered the plants, did prayers, zipped off to Macs to get the last set of Doraemon, replenished dogs' groceries at Pet Lovers, bought lunch for the brother and then back home to "entertain" some housework. I feel so AUNTIE lor....

The poor mop was put through an intensed ballet routine, doing 360 twirls and pirouettes with a "siao gina". I now understand why my mom always complain about Daz when she mops. He SINGS loud and clear through the entirety of the mop dance. Imagine the on going "music" accompliment when I did the routine twice.... Faintz... My mom loves to call him Winner Daz, I say Whinner Daz more likely...

This is only a very small fraction of his entire composition.

Dance Partner of the day.

Swee Swee dance floor

This area is a constant mess...!

A loud and whinny Schnauzer trapped with his unhappy brother.

Anyway, this week is totally insane! I don't have the priviledge to rest properly at home at all. Been flying all over the place with lessons, rehearsals and dogs. Now I have to be preparing to head out soon to Ocean Butterflies again for a major rehearsal. It's fast becoming my second home!

Urgh.. I forgot the Laundry! Eekz!


Cindy Lam Woon Peng said...

If ever i dont have to work...this has been my dream for a long

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