Thursday, January 28, 2010

Slow and sleepy

The equivalent of being drunk is lack of sleep.

Signs to look out for in Avril when she's lack of sleep:
1) Talking incoherently
2) Laughing nonsensically and loudly at anything colleagues say
3) Spacing out infront of the monitor
4) Instigating colleagues to do stupid things
5) Can't walk straight
6) Singing

I'm doing almost all of the above today and Chao said I sounded like I was drunk! hahahaha....
Even Adrian knows what stupid thoughts are going in my head. I merely said "Shall we...." and he completed with a "go shopping?" So smart! The 3 of us are bored to death with our desktops doing huge computations and everything is just SLOW!

Oh man... What a boring Thursday today is...


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