Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Stray Day

Saw a stray dog sleeping by the expressway on the way to work. Don't have the luxury to stop in time to check on it. Hopefully it was just sleeping and not injured. Will see if I am able to drive there later to access.

Then I spotted another female stray at the entrance of my workplace! Knowing me, I can't not stop to take a look. She was so friendly!! Came wagging its tail at me the moment I called it and even allow me to pat her. She seem really well fed and looked lost. Refused the treats I offered. Tried to get Uncle Seng on the phone but while I was doing that, she ran off across the road into foliage. Will try to spot her again if I can. This area isn't exactly dog friendly and neither is it safe....


Wah lao... Distracted at work now.


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