Thursday, January 07, 2010

Why no pig?

Had a really good laugh on my way to work listening to my usual 不给一口丁program.

It is a tad sensitive to be discussing this over here, but as you know, the current Doraemon lucky charms do not include the pig of the 12 zodiac. They were having a hell of a time debating over that which was so darn hilarious!

Na... If you really want the entire set, here you go!

Having my pancake breakfast and in 10 mins time, I will be zipping off to LT3 for buffet lunch. POWER! hahaha


Irene 玲希 said...

if u eat, help me buy.. just want a chicken, mouse and a cow
.. tks sis..hehe

avril said...

Sure. If they still have on monday, i'll help you get the chicken for this week.

Irene 玲希 said...

chix for reena

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