Friday, February 26, 2010

Returning to Beijing

It  is back to the double beds single occupant scenario again. Sis has returned to Bejing to continue her TCM studies there. Thank goodness she was really looking at having a well deserved holiday and rest back home, if not I was kinda anticipating if she would run acupuncture trials on me, you know 灵床试验? =P

Anyway, it was quite an eventful night at the departures. We "abused" the baggage weighing scale at the entrance by measuring our own mass instead... lol... Then I was stopped short by a Chinese couple seeking directions and had to act like some interpreter between the airport staff and them for a while. I realised I was Vocab-limited. Blah!

My sis and her mates got into some overloading problem at the check in point. They were off-scale by 8kgs in total. It ended up with them unpacking stuff which was really kinda funny. Every luggage was packed full with food items. It looked like they were all prepared to go to some war zone.

Then someone's backpack had to burst at its seam which got everyone stumped. Thankfully, there was a "heroine" to the rescue. While everyone was fretting what can be done, I was quick-witted enough to think of removing the rubber strings lacing the front to tie around the bag. I supposed that will hold it well till they reach their place in Beijing. I think I impressed brother with my crisis management skills. He muttered a "Great thinking sis".  *proudz

Never forgetting some last moment pictures.

I cannot recall what we were laughing at. 

Presenting the Sim siblings.

Aren't very good with self taken shots. 
Had to resort to a 3rd party help for the perfect sibling shot.

Papi and Mami

Already missing us. Went through the gates and still wanna take pictures.


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