Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Reunion Dinner and CNY

Thanks to my sister, she has uploaded pictures of CNY this year. If not, I'll probably take ages or perhaps not do it at all... =P

Reunion Dinner Night

With cousin Eldrick. I call him the Soya sauce man. He and his brother takes literally anything with soya sauce.

He looked so "Ah Pek" here drinking Teh... I have never met a kid at that age that drinks Teh lor!

My uncle maximizing the time my sis is back. 宁可杀错,不可放过 attitude. 

The spread.


In the car to my maternal Grandma's place

My favourite Ah Ma. =) The one who saw through my toddler years.

The uncle who love his nieces. We are a scarce breed in the family... Hiak hiak hiak.

Money earning losing time for the kids. Red is the big winner this year.

Vegetarian Lou Hei. 

A full vegan affair this year. A great way to start the new year. =)

Am happy with a simple meal like this... =)


kenwooi said...

i'll be happy with a simple meal as well, no need so grand la right? =P


avril said...

Yup. =) Am not that particular with food anyway. As long as it fills me. I don't see the need to satisfy my 3 inch tongue. hahaha.

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