Wednesday, March 31, 2010

The Bond

My dog understands me more than I thought him to be.
On any usual day, he will not respond to the command "Come" unless he feels up to it.

However, when I ...
  1. cry, he surprises me by clamouring at my side to lick away tears.
  2. ask if he loves me, he plants 2 short kisses on my lips.
  3. am down, he sorta knows and and would come lying right next to me and heave a long doggie sigh.
  4. am angry with him, he tries to win favour by wagging his tail and tries to jump and plant apologetic kisses.
  5. take his towel, he runs off in hiding.
  6. stop him in the midst of his barking, he would complain in whimpers.
The decision to get him 5 years ago, remains as one of the best decisions ever.

Anyway, it's bonding time! As I am grabbing his bath towel, he has already ran under my sista's table.


Sim Wan said...

i miss my cai cai =( if only hes here. then i wont be so cold when i sleep. told ya not to let him go under the desk. its full of dust. ew. very naughty dog.

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