Thursday, April 22, 2010

A question of 80 lives

My boy started my lessons on unconditional love. That re-aligned some of my values and made me look within myself. It is strange how it changes your perception of things. One of the changes that came naturally is that I've become more vegan now than before.

Looking at the recent case of the 80 dogs rescued, I really applaude the efforts of the volunteers. All these people made a difference, a hell lot of difference in my opinion.

How many people really do care? We read of such news and go "aw..." then life goes on. While we chase after the temporal happiness certain rewards in life gives us, nothing really beats knowing that you have made a difference somewhere.
Almost all of these 80 dogs have never seen daylight in their entire lives till the rescuers got to them. They are not the only ones. In fact many other animals like those tested in laboratories, reared in slaugther farms etc...

Come Friday, April 23, there will be a fund raising event at Post-Museum 107+109 Rowell Road. Drop by if you happen to be near. I hope I am able to make it too!
7:30pm - 9:30pm

Be it animals or other human beings, we can make a difference no matter how small. We just need to get started on it in our own little way.
We tend to forget but I try to always remind myself to be happy and grateful because we are still a very fortunate bunch amidst all the suffering around.


Davis K. K. Lee said...

Always great to know that people do care :)

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