Thursday, May 27, 2010

Advertorial - White Lotus

When one's ill, one looks for a doctor.
Now, when your guitar's ill, who would you look for?

Introducing SG's unique Doctor Guitar... WHITE LOTUS!!!! TADA!!!

How cool is this right? Doctor Guitar gives all your old or spoilt guitars a new lease of life.

Services include:

Guitar Setup (Electric / Acoustic)
1) Adjusting of truss rod
2) Neck set angle (for electric guitars w/ bolted necks)
3) Bridge / Nut adjustments
4) Fret redressing & leveling
5) Changing of strings

General guitar Repairs
1) Upkeeping of the guitar's function

Acoustic Guitar Pickup Installation
1) Installation of 3rd party guitar pickups

Electrical Works
1) Changing of pickups (single coil / humbuckers)
2) Electromagnetic shielding
3) Fault tracing
4) Rewiring
5) Changing of pots and output socket

1) Guitar body polish
2) Fret Polish
3) Fret board shine
4) Machine head and hardware shine

CHECK out the site for the cool guitar pictures!


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