Tuesday, May 25, 2010

好感叹阿... Had the chance of corresponding with a divorced father who is pinning so hard for his son but is alienated from him by a 6 months non access court order despite having granted parental access.

The court's reasons:
1. The son claims that he does not want to see the father.
2. The son is having his PSLE exams.

I wonder if the mom has ever realised that she has such an important role to play in this matter. No matter how much bad blood exist between her and her ex-spouse, a child should always be encouraged to acknowledge his real parentage and to also be given a chance to spend time with both parents. 孩子不是个人的感情工具阿. It is not like the poor dad is shunning away from the duties of a responsible father.

If she can generously provide that bridge, the child will not lose his father.


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