Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Yet another in the limelight

Strangely, I don't feel extremely upset while listening to this.
Comments made by Pastor Mark Ng were aimed at entertaining his congregation afterall. Should I get angry at someone who is ignorant to other people's practice?

When God sent his son down, what did Christ demonstrate? Great humility and compassion even when he was ridiculed up to the point he was cruxified. Did Pastor Mark even mirror this great act? No, he did quite the opposite ridiculing others instead.... It was such a clear message given by the son of God, yet not many understand this..

I was brought up in a Taoist family. Personally I am geared towards buddhism but I had the priviledge of studying in a Christian kindergarten and a Catholic secondary school. What I learnt since I was just 6 years of age is that God does not differentiate. He loves all his people. He DO NOT only love his believers, unless I was taught wrong at YWCA.


The Straits Times reports that the Internal Security Department (ISD) is probing Pastor Mark Ng, 48, for a sermon he gave in 2008 in which he mocked Taoist beliefs. In a 10-minute audio clip posted on YouTube, Ng is heard joking with the congregation about Chinese rituals and in one instance, compared praying to Taoist deities to “seeking protection from secret society gangsters”.


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