Monday, July 19, 2010

Rainz Rainz Go Away

Come again another day. Rainz rainz go away.
My boys wants to play (Cai Cai Dazty wants to play)!

The 2 little imps at home are getting restless these days without their walks and they are resorting to battling each other with intensified frequencies. You see cai cai looming near the gate ever so often recently trying to see if there is a chance he could get to go out. And daz is starting to shred any papers he sees in his way. I should also take blame for spending lesser times with them with all my recent performances and activities.

Finally, the Musical "Breeze" in Singapore came to an end yesterday. Though there were quite a few hiccups, the responses I got from friends, colleague and family were encouraging and positive. =)

Cai cai misses his friends (Suki, Solju, Moo Moo, Latte). Please let it not rain so much this week so that I can bring him and daz out!

Soon, I'll be off to S.Korea and I will probably have yet another performance at RWS very soon after I return. Woo... Tiring period but a good learning curve and a fulfilling one. =)

Row row row your boat gently down the stream.
Merrily merrily merrily merrily.
Life is but a dream.

What happened to the once in 50 years explanation? It seems like it no longer applies.

Hit it Mr Brown!


Kevin said...

it's sad to see Singapore always have flood. hope the government can do something about it. God bless Singapore.

Beh`Beh said...

Lol. Nice song.

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