Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Keeping a moment of silence

For those who perished in the Philippines's tour bus hijacking. Heard from my colleague the latest number of casualties holds at 10.

From the moment the police took actual action till the entire firing episode ends, it took them a full 45 minutes... This is like the worst ever rescue mission in history when records show the average timing to be within minutes.

What I can't phantom is that the police had ample chances to gun that guy down when he stood openly near the door area, but nothing was done. Why?

And why did footages caught reporters giggling during the entire standoff? Life and death matter very funny meh? And please tell me my eyes are playing tricks with me. I thought this policeman was... smiling during operation...

Why in the hell did the so called negotiators not "agree" to his request to reinstate his position in the police force? Can't they pacify him first? Why further aggravate his already skewed mind by letting him get to know of his brother's arrest? It was believed that it triggered the gunfire.

But (sighz)... What's the use of finding fault right now when these lives can never be revived anymore...

Monday, August 23, 2010

The Tale of Mari and three puppies

That's one of the reasons why I love my dogs so much..

Saturday, August 14, 2010

I know I know

We love to complain, but no matter what we have to be proud of the fact that we are the first country to host the YOG k. Many countries must "love" us enough to vote us in. Give some credit to the government for maintaining and forging close and amiable ties with other governments la. See the bad must also see the good ma. =P

We will always be known as the first country leh and that puts us into a whole big deal of limelight around the world. Perhaps I wouldn't get questions like "where is Singapore?", "Is it part of China?" when I go abroad.

It has definitely inconvenienced me both on the road and at work (NTU) but I can only have 1 word for now............

For the glory of my country... I shall endure another 2 weeks or so.... (够 patriotic not??) Meanwhile, I'm contemplating to catch the woman's gymnastics event. Muahahahaha... Having once been competitive in the sport, it makes me all the more interested in viewing as a spectator.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Tie up your ideas

Chanced upon a Tie shop while in Korea where they sold clothes and accessories made out of ties. I must say the Koreans do have some really cool and cute ideas in their fashion! It kinda inspire me to try some diy myself if I can get down to doing something!


Weaving work

A necktie dress!

Bag glorious bag!

Rugs (Just nice for my dogs too!)

Nice lamp shade
I was also thinking, maybe we can use the tie as a belt. =)

My Mafan Dog

My cai cai is spoilt... He wouldn't eat his breakfast till someone sits with him while he eats. He loves to hear praises at the end of his meal saying he is a good boy! Man.... It has to be my fault.

Every morning, he never fail to stand guard his food bowl from Daz (who would slurp down his food in seconds) while keeping a lookout for me or any family member to appear from the room. I will see him grinning (cannot explain that expression) and wagging whenever I approach him. He will only eat when I sit beside him and tell him to do so. Kaoz.. This dog is too smart at times for his own good - refusing food till he gets the attention and the praises at the end. Cute and endearing yet such a mafan dog at times. lol

Tuesday, August 10, 2010


RWS performance on the 7th Aug:

The entire crew that day. We did well! Kudos to all my mates!

My dear V.I.Ps. We slogged hard for this day.

Getting interviewed on stage. 



@ Hardrock Cafe

Wedding gig before I flew to Korea:

Monday, August 09, 2010

S.Korea and Shanghai

Mega load of pictures coming up during the trip to S.Korea, Masan for the International Theatre Festival held there.

Day 1

The first lap (SG - KL - Shanghai  - Busan  - Masan)

Vincent doing his thing during departure check in at Changi Airport making everyone laugh as usual. 

The first transit at KL International Airport. Flight to Shanghai was delayed. Everyone were so tired but gamed enough to give me the dead tired look I called for. lol!!

Klenn acting cool while charging his handphone by the power outlet. lol.

Funny... Boarding time at 02:29 while the plane was scheduled to leave at 01:50. Board what board?? lol

Due to the delay to Shanghai, our next transiting flight to Busan, S.Korea was a mad rush. We had barely minutes to run to the next plane upon arrival.

We made it MINUS our lugguages..... Darn....

So it was another long wait again at Busan Airport for our lugguage to reach us in the next flight.
Our first Korean food - Yumilicious ice-cream!

Finally they arrived.... Someone's lugguage ended up missing... I was glad it wasn't mine though I felt really bad for the party involved... What luck....

After eon hours of travelling.... finally I get to see the most welcoming sight... BEDS!!!!

We were sponsored to stay in Arirang Tourist Hotel in Masan.

There was a night club just beside the hotel. Woo... The nights were always filled with music booming away.

Our first dinner after checking into the hotel. Totally delicious and one of the best I tried. BBQ pork wrap!!!

Still having the energy to do funny shots for the camera. lol.. Has got to be the dinner served!


Day 2
Me and Evelyn were too tired to head down for breakfast. For our first meal on the second day's, we were taken to some really ulu place to eat. Definitely not a place where tourist will go.

Tada! Ginseng chicken!

I love how the Koreans serve small side dishes for all their meals.

After lunch, we caught China's performance. They exhibited superb skills at acrobatics! A pity no pictures yet. Waiting to grab them from others. Heheheh....
Then there was the Opening ceremony in the evening by the first 5 participating countries SG, Korea, China, Mongolia and Japan. SG wore our 4 major ethnic costumes. Me and my roomie!

With the co-Director in the middle.

The OB reps. Hee...

Despite the buffet dinner spread we had during the opening ceremony, we got so tempted that we ran off to buy korean cup noodles for supper. They are so so cute!!!! There's instant noodles for men(wet) and women(dry). The women's one tasted so so so good.. but was terribly spicy!!! Someone import them in please!!!

Day 3

The second morning in Masan, we were immediately taken to the Masan City Museum.

Phototaking was unallowed but I die die had to sneak a picture of the pretty ceiling.

The Singaporean I-Lien group

I-Lien's Chairman and wife

We are the so called youngsters. Vincent at the end of the line feigning to be one though lol!

Boo hoo... We all want shopping!!!

Made Wenhao take some fun shots outside the museum.

Off to Chang dong for lunch, shopping and then to catch Japan's performance next. We were kinda happy that our performance were to be held in the same theatre too as there were plenty to shop around in that area!!!!!

I so love Korean food..... Already missing them.....

We caught Korea's performance in the evening. They gave a really great performance despite the language barrier. We understood what their theatre act was about and had a good time laughing at their funny gigs.
Mr Big Ant outside the theatre. It's made out of motorcycle parts. The ant body's made of a wheel! Cool!

Though we were mostly tired, we maximised our time in Korea. That night, we went off to do some late night shopping in a night market near our hotel.

And our best 收获 was my favourite Korea rice cake!!!!

Day 4

Virtually nothing to blog about as we were rehearsing from morning all the way till night for SG's own performance.

Day 5

Due to some last minute occupancy limitations, we were transferred to another hotel right beside Arirang Tourist Hotel. We had to make do with individual sleeping quarters. I had the entire room to myself which can be pretty scary especially when something weird happened just the night before at Arirang.

The shower was the highlight of the room hahahahha... Great massage after a long long day.

Prime Hotel was really thoughtful, they provided almost everything you need, including hot water. =)

With the Japanese director.

With our 3 pretty translators!

We caught Mongolia's performance in the evening and were thrown a farewell party after that!

My solo last night in Korea spent catching TV shows. This korean dog documentary was so funny. It was showing 2 dogs staying in the same household and yet their characters were totally different. One was a very good and smart dog, while the other a full time destroyer in the house. lol.

Shanghai - Day 1
The disposable mobile phone vending machines. Quite an interesting idea.

Sharing the room with 舞督

The buzzling lights in Shanghai city making it seems like the city never sleeps.

Our hotel in Shanghai. Like the name of it.

Walking down the streets towards 外滩

The scene that greets you once you reach 外滩

Vincent should just become a comedian la! He's a natural at it.. hehehehe...

Day 2
Street artist

The nice ah peh even wrote us a greeting.

I forgot what's the name of this place. Starts with a ling or something like dat. Heck! Anyway, it was a nice place though filled with tourist. The buildings were all ancient looking architectures. You have to be careful when you use the toilets here though. They have countdown timers. If you breech the time limit, Wala! your toilet door opens!

We braved through the 41 degree weather and visited the 东方明珠 towards the evening.

We have to count our blessings as one of our members knew some officials in the building and we were able to get through with VIP passes. We literally jumped long hours of queue.

The sardine packed lifts while we had our own private one. Hehehehe

We had buffet dinner at the revolving restaurant up on 东方明珠. I must say that the rotation was a little too fast. I kinda felt neusea while eating.

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