Saturday, August 14, 2010

I know I know

We love to complain, but no matter what we have to be proud of the fact that we are the first country to host the YOG k. Many countries must "love" us enough to vote us in. Give some credit to the government for maintaining and forging close and amiable ties with other governments la. See the bad must also see the good ma. =P

We will always be known as the first country leh and that puts us into a whole big deal of limelight around the world. Perhaps I wouldn't get questions like "where is Singapore?", "Is it part of China?" when I go abroad.

It has definitely inconvenienced me both on the road and at work (NTU) but I can only have 1 word for now............

For the glory of my country... I shall endure another 2 weeks or so.... (够 patriotic not??) Meanwhile, I'm contemplating to catch the woman's gymnastics event. Muahahahaha... Having once been competitive in the sport, it makes me all the more interested in viewing as a spectator.


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