Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Keeping a moment of silence

For those who perished in the Philippines's tour bus hijacking. Heard from my colleague the latest number of casualties holds at 10.

From the moment the police took actual action till the entire firing episode ends, it took them a full 45 minutes... This is like the worst ever rescue mission in history when records show the average timing to be within minutes.

What I can't phantom is that the police had ample chances to gun that guy down when he stood openly near the door area, but nothing was done. Why?

And why did footages caught reporters giggling during the entire standoff? Life and death matter very funny meh? And please tell me my eyes are playing tricks with me. I thought this policeman was... smiling during operation...

Why in the hell did the so called negotiators not "agree" to his request to reinstate his position in the police force? Can't they pacify him first? Why further aggravate his already skewed mind by letting him get to know of his brother's arrest? It was believed that it triggered the gunfire.

But (sighz)... What's the use of finding fault right now when these lives can never be revived anymore...


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