Thursday, August 12, 2010

My Mafan Dog

My cai cai is spoilt... He wouldn't eat his breakfast till someone sits with him while he eats. He loves to hear praises at the end of his meal saying he is a good boy! Man.... It has to be my fault.

Every morning, he never fail to stand guard his food bowl from Daz (who would slurp down his food in seconds) while keeping a lookout for me or any family member to appear from the room. I will see him grinning (cannot explain that expression) and wagging whenever I approach him. He will only eat when I sit beside him and tell him to do so. Kaoz.. This dog is too smart at times for his own good - refusing food till he gets the attention and the praises at the end. Cute and endearing yet such a mafan dog at times. lol


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