Friday, September 03, 2010

Busy Flirting

..... With my iPhone 4!
I must admit that I used to find it stupid to subscribe to the iPhone brand. Well, I am taking back (swallowing or whatever it takes) my words. I am kicking start my foray into the sexy iPhone brand. And I am definitely loving the experience!

I am so absolutely in love with my new phone and its apps, functions that I am ignoring the battery life problem.
P.S. Whoever is able to solve this bottleneck problem in hp devices will become the next billionaire!

Can't help but ogle at the sleek and chio design (I think it looks much better than iPhone 3) and I did not hesitate to purchase the back cover protection. Got my eggshell from Tunewear. Guess which colour?

PINK!!! (No prizes for the correct answer though)

Never been so hardworking at installing programs/apps in my life, what more the free ones! Have already downloaded quite a few e-books that could last me through my sleepless nights.

Am looking forward to trying to program an app for my own iPhone. Jimmy has already done one for posters around our office. Just by aiming the phone at them, 3D characters pop up and with their individual information. Is that cool or cool? That is the so called Augmented Reality technology. It's been around for ages but not widely used. I forsee it to gain popularity soon with the increase usage of smart camera phones.


David said...

HAHA welcome to iPhone family ^^ Having fun with the drum app?? LOLz

Btw here is David, Wei Fan =)

Gesline said...

Hey hey! Thanks!! hahahaha

Yes. I'm trying to play with the drums. Am still very green leh. hahahaha.!!!

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